Runner’s Legs Workout

Hello All! This workout is sure to bust your buns and give you the runner’s legs of your dreams! Make sure to stretch after – but I still guarantee you will be sore getting out of bed the next morning! Let’s get to work 🙂


Tallest on Left

Rule Number Deux: Tallest object or piece of decor shall always be displayed to the left of pieces shorter than it.

I know this might sound silly, but my Grandmother had a rule for everything. Her home was immaculately designed with Asian influences and everything was perfectly positioned. The key is too not get carried away with this rule, but keep in mind what looks best. She should would always mention this quip, as would her daughters, when we tidied things up before family festivities. I should have asked for her reasoning. My only idea is that since we read from left to right in America, that perhaps we examine things in that order too. If anyone out there has heard of this before please comment!!!

B.A. Girls’ Playlist Lite

Despite my love affair with ruffled blouses and the way wearing shades of pale pink make me feel, I have a serious devotion to the martial arts and all of its blood, sweat, and tears morales. I trained for about 6 years before heading off to college.  It’s that fierceness which has triggered my interest in “going all out” at the gym. After religiously taking a class called Body Combat, I have learned to enjoy working out to some intense, yet fun music. I created a playlist which is certain to get out all of your frustrations and push you through that last sparring drill, that last series of burpees, or that final lap around the track! GIVE IT YOUR ALL! I will post a more insane version soon! ENJOY – to sweating at the gym and looking ever so sexy *cheers*


Day 2 of my training for a Sprint Triathlon: Cycling for about 12 miles is a piece of cake – I mastered it!! If you want a fun workout, try this! 

Monday’s Workout



The Getaway

I decided it is time to start my Triathlon training. Apparently to swim just one mile, I have to go around my pool about 94 times! -I did 32! This was better than expected, but clearly not too great! I ran for an hour and hiked in the woods. To my surprise and delight, I came across this creek which leads to Anteitam Lake! It was the perfect find and it kept a smile on my face even once the rain chased me (maybe I chased it!) back home! Tomorrow, I will start the day with yoga and a bike ride. If the weather holds out, another swim and run are in order! I will keep you updated! If anyone has tips – please let me know 🙂

First Post!

Hello! All of my formatting is not yet perfected, but I decided to have a whack at this first post 🙂

In regards to rule number one in my Fashion and Decorum page – one shall not return an empty pan to its owner – I have thusly spent the majority of my day baking and will now be ending the day with some heavy workouts (my God, I have become rather good at baking and have a feisty sweet tooth which is now fueled by my Pinterest addiction). Luckily, these baked goods were healthy alternatives. I made oatmeal muffins with plenty of fiber and protein, and Nutella cookies. These will take the place of the chocolate Rice Krispie Treats that Nan made. I plan on dropping them off to her shortly and then running in her development and spinning at the gym. – Keeping a healthy heart and sound mind! Talk to you all soon!