First Post!

Hello! All of my formatting is not yet perfected, but I decided to have a whack at this first post 🙂

In regards to rule number one in my Fashion and Decorum page – one shall not return an empty pan to its owner – I have thusly spent the majority of my day baking and will now be ending the day with some heavy workouts (my God, I have become rather good at baking and have a feisty sweet tooth which is now fueled by my Pinterest addiction). Luckily, these baked goods were healthy alternatives. I made oatmeal muffins with plenty of fiber and protein, and Nutella cookies. These will take the place of the chocolate Rice Krispie Treats that Nan made. I plan on dropping them off to her shortly and then running in her development and spinning at the gym. – Keeping a healthy heart and sound mind! Talk to you all soon!


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