Nailed It

Rule Number 8 in the Decorum and Fashion page reminds us ladies to look presentable from our heads down to our toenails.

Some of the hottest hues that are still taking Summer 2012 by force are mints, corals, vibrant shades of grape, and the color of the year – Tangerine. Neon shellac is a total hit (and girls, it’ll make you look super tan)! Textures, patterns, and “no dry” nails are the latest craze. But if you want to stay subtle, go for the ever-so-classic French or American Manicure. Be a knockout at a beach BBQ by throwing on a cute coverup and painting your nails in my new fav. shade, OPI “On Collins Ave”. And, don’t forget, sand is a natural exfoliant! “Women of the World, Stay Presentable & Proper” ❤

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Terrarium Magic

Terrariums are all the rage on Pinterest and on Houzz! As a new designer, I can say that they are an inexpensive and unique way to add plant life pizzaz to a room. How can you add some pizzaz to your room? Well, all you need is a glass container, potting soil, small rocks or sand, and a variety of succulents or cacti. Pour some potting soil in the base and loosen the dirt around the roots of the plants. Place them however you desire and add some water. Then, carefully pour in your gems, stones, sand, or shells around the plants. Craft stores or pet stores (aquarium section) have a variety of options. Notorious plant-killers, have some faith in yourselves! Just place in a window that gets a lot of light and water once a week. Get this, some varieties of succulents only need to be watered once a month in the winter! “Hold your green thumbs high and get plantin'” ❤

Phillies Phan

Make it on “Phanavision” – check! I had the unforgettable chance to sit 8th row behind 1st and watch the Phillies beat the Giants! I have always wanted to be on the big screen at a game and on television! Well, guess who killed two birds with one stone?! That’s right – Kelly G. did! The heat was crazy, but finishing up the afternoon in an air-conditioned XFINITY Live was wildly refreshing! “Being a Phan and Getting Phamous” ❤

Mediterranean Mealtime

Opa! Ahh yes, a declaration of high spirits and a happy belly! If you are looking for the perfect side or potluck dish, look no further! Mediterranean Orzo Salad with Chickpeas is healthy, light, and great for summertime. Enjoy with or without a shot of Ouzo! Closing for the day – “Eat Mediterranean and Vegetarian for a healthy heart and easy digestion.” ❤

Mediterranean Orzo Salad with Chickpeas  <<Get the Recipe!>>


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Wet ‘n’ Wildwood

 Remedy for a hot, sticky Summer’s day = Water rides at the amusement park! From shopping in Atlantic City, to a Drive-In Movie (this was an awesome first!) gazing at the stars in Delsea, NJ – It was a great weekend for adventures! Sometimes it is hard to stay fashionable when you wish you could wear a bathing suit everywhere because you are so hot you are becoming more irritable than a newborn baby! But, when you can go to the water park at Morey’s Pier in Wildwood, NJ – wearing a (secure) swim suit is always welcome! Stay cool America ❤

4th of July

I know it is a little late (never a dull moment in my life, I have not even unpacked a suitcase for weeks)! Fireworks from Mount Washington in 102 degree weather! I recommend this to anyone intersted in a great view of a fireworks show!



Let’s get one thing straight – I am 100% a Phillies and Flyers fan, and shall never sport Penguins memoribilia! However, my BFF just moved to Pitt and it looks like I am going to be visiting the city quite often. It is a 4-1/2 hr drive – but with a view like this and spending great nights with friends – it is worth it! They live on Mount Washington and the lookouts are incredible. We also visited some great bars and enjoyed delicious food at restaurants on the Southside. It is not the city for me (how does one get around in the winter on those hills????), but visiting there is a must!