Terrarium Magic

Terrariums are all the rage on Pinterest and on Houzz! As a new designer, I can say that they are an inexpensive and unique way to add plant life pizzaz to a room. How can you add some pizzaz to your room? Well, all you need is a glass container, potting soil, small rocks or sand, and a variety of succulents or cacti. Pour some potting soil in the base and loosen the dirt around the roots of the plants. Place them however you desire and add some water. Then, carefully pour in your gems, stones, sand, or shells around the plants. Craft stores or pet stores (aquarium section) have a variety of options. Notorious plant-killers, have some faith in yourselves! Just place in a window that gets a lot of light and water once a week. Get this, some varieties of succulents only need to be watered once a month in the winter! “Hold your green thumbs high and get plantin'” ❤


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