Dressing to the Nines

A Lady Shall Not Wear White or a Dress Longer than the Bride’s. – Rule Number Nine on the Decorum and Fashion Page:

The wedding bells will be ringing tomorrow and I am so eager to see the bride’s gown! Which, of course, should be the only white dress in the establishment. In accordance to Rule Number 9, leave the white, long gowns to the guest of honor – The Bride. And remember, the invitation should set the mood for your attire. It does not have to be stated directly, but if your name is written in a cutesy typography, assume your dress can be kempt, yet casual. If your invitation looks like the Royal Family brought it to you via carriage-driven delivery service, dress in elegant attire.

Hopefully, everyone follows these rules and has a great time! Looking elegant and dressing to the nines – cheers to happy couple. ❤


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