Rustic Avocado Salad

To be or not to be – a vegetarian?! I gave up eating meat for Lent this year and it wasn’t all that bad (except for the insane steak cravings). My stomach felt great and everything I ate was so healthy and fresh. Now, that I have been carnivorous since Easter, I sometimes look at meat with disgust and wonder why I am eating something with such a boring and unappetizing color? I am back to contemplating – Vegetarian or carnivore? *hmmmmm?* So for now, I have decided to participate in No Meat Mondays and eat a max of only one serving of meat a day. During these efforts, I came up with this bad boy – Rustic Avocado Salad! I warmed up a tortilla with cheese and put some of this delectable dish right on top! NOM NOM NOM!

To try at home – Rustic Avocado Salad

Also, if you have any words of wisdom for me during this diet dilemma, let me know!

Light, healthy, and fresh is best


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