Summer Checklist : Day 18

ITEM 14 : Go to a Drive-In Movie Theatre!!

When the sun goes down – the stars come out (movie stars that is)! I had never done this until this summer and it is now something I want to do every year! Here are 5 tips for drive-in movie going:

1. Get there early to get the closest parking spaces and to grab food before it starts.

2. If it is a possibility to take a car with a sun roof, an SUV with a hatch, or a pickup – do it! Gazing at the stars + Watching a film on the big screen = best way to watch a movie.

3. Planning things around the weather can sometimes seem impossible. If you see a promising evening forecast of clear skies and a cooler night – hit the drive-in on that day! You can keep your car off and just roll down the windows or even bring lawn chairs.

4. You probably do not want to drain your car’s battery so bring a boom box to listen to the station they provide to hear the movie.

5. To beat the rush when leaving, you can head out during the end credits. As a courtesy to others that are still enjoying the flick or are staying for the second movie, keep parking lights on and not your regular headlights on full blast.

I hope you can enjoy this experience before summer ends – it is great for date night! Flying solo these days? That’s okay because this is a great time with friends and family too 🙂

Star gazing & movie-going


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