Summer Checklist : Day 15

I am terribly sorry that I didn’t get a chance to post this yesterday! My day was nuts – I had an interview (keep your fingers crossed for me!), lunch in Rittenhouse Square, a highly unnecessary but oh so delightful trip to Sephora, and then a Phillies game! I apologize for leaving you all hanging, but I couldn’t pass this post up! So please enjoy the next item on your checklist –

ITEM 17: Do a good deed everyday!

This might not sound like it is related to Summer, but it is always an excellent idea to do a good deed a day. It can be the smallest thing like holding a door open, or cooking dinner for your family. You can even send a card to a friend and put a smile on their face! Making people smile or knowing that you have genuinely helped someone is such a great feeling.

My good deed was saving this praying mantis from imminent death by an oncoming tractor! Apparently, it is not illegal to kill a praying mantis and they are not endangered, like I once thought. Even still, I am pretty darn sure this guy did not plan on getting squashed by the biggest tractor tire I have seen all summer! So, I shushed him to the side and hopefully he had a few more brilliant mantis moments before a more humane, natural death ensued.

Gaining good karma




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