Summer Checklist : Day 13

Item 19 : Pick at least one day in each remaining week before fall arrives to wear your favorite Summer heels!

Hello, my name is Kelly and I am addicted to shoes! They say that white shoes are out – for me that is isn’t a problem since I have many pairs of shoes in a plethora of summer-y colors! These are my Madden Girl wedges in a coral color which just so happened to be my favorite summer color! *Coral is one of very few colors that looks fantastic and even brightens any skin tone* One of my least favorite parts about summer ending, is the lack of brightly colored shoes – especially cork and straw wedges! So, now is the time to wear them! Also – take note that I said to wear heels. Not flops, not pool shoes, not summer sneakers, but heels! Be a lady and practice rocking your high heels – heel toe, heel toe, heel toe! Remember, this is perfect prep time before ice mixes with your heeled booties!

Cheers everyone – to looking flirty in your summertime heels!


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