Summer Checklist : Day 12

TWELVE DAYS OF SUMMER LEFT?! OMG moment? I think so! It is time to put enjoying the last days of your summer into overdrive!

ITEM 20 : Pot a plant!

Being the thoughtful daughter that I am, I bought my mom a tropical bouquet from Wegmans grocery store (AKA the greatest grocer to ever have graced this earth). The flowers eventually died but, oddly enough, the leafy thing started growing more and sprouting white roots in the water. My mom wanted to save it, so she found a cute sage green pot and I planted it for her. If you aren’t the daring sort of gardener, fear not, potting indoor plants is the easiest thing to do. It’s keeping them alive for years that can serve as a greater issue! Now, get planting so that even in the dark of winter, you can enjoy fresh air with a little in-home greenery!

If you need some plantspiration, check out my earlier post – Terrarium Magic. This post will give you tips on how to create your own succulent terrarium. Which, by the way, has proven to be the easiest thing! I keep it in a well-lit window, spray it with water every week or so, and give it some fresh air on occasion. EASY PEASY!

Stay green and keep summer alive


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