Summer Checklist : Day 10

ITEM 22 : Grill a Pizza!

I have always wanted to do this!!! Plus, grilling is the best way to cook in the summer! I played the grill master role this time and, let me tell you, I rocked it! Cooking with fire and great views – yeah, I’ll take you up on that offer! I am also known for my carmelized onions, I think I just have the magic touch, but sugar is key! I always cook without really measuring, but I tried to relate the ingrediants to normal methods of culinary measurements when I made the recipe. Check it out! You can always use your favorite toppings. But the fresh veggies, in my opinion, make this sweet and summery!

Super Easy Grilled Veggie Pizza

Girls can grill too – show ’em how it’s done!


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