Summer Checklist : Day 9

WHAT?! 9 Days left! Can it be so?!

ITEM 23: Enjoy Summer Beauty

Bronze skin, sun-kissed cheek bones, and a tropical scented décolletage (fancy French word for the area between your neck & bosom) are all things that scream summer beauty necessities!

1. Loreal Sublime Bronze Instant Luminous Bronzer ($9.47 @ Walmart) – post exfoliation shower fun, (I like Bath & Body Works exfoliating gloves) put this tinted lotion on your body. Just like the title claims, it instantly works! Wait a few minutes for it to dry before putting clothing on and I like to spritz my favorite summer fragrance (Clinique Happy to Be) on a washcloth to add some freshness to the scent. This also helps remove some of the shimmer if looking like a pixy isn’t on your to do list… All in all, this is my favorite build-a-tan instant bronzer that I have tried!

2. Loreal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Towelettes ($9.47 @ Walmart). These bad boys really help to build a tan – in just 3 hours! Use it everyday to get the bronze look you desire and then apply every so often after that for maintenance. I use this before bed, after exfoliating, of course, and waiting for it to dry before clothing myself. I used it only 2x and was asked if I went to the beach for the weekend! Follow the directions, and you’re golden! *haha*

3. While we are on the bronzing subject – Lorac’s TANtalizer Body Bronzing Luminizer (45 mL for $12 @ Sephora) works so well. I put this on my legs and arms before going out and I get so many compliments on how great my legs look! The only downside, is the scent. I do the same thing with this one and spritz some perfume on a cloth and dabble my legs and arms.

4. The next Lorac TANtalizer product that I love is the Baked Bronzer ($32 @ Sephora). This adds an insane amount of bronzer to your face and chest. *Careful not to add too much* You will look so beautifully bronzed with this product – I guarantee it! It also has a golden tint to it so this is great for contouring too!

5. I am a huge, huge, HUGE bareMinerals fan! Most starter kits will come with “warmth” (All over face color $19 @ ULTA). This is a warm bronzer that is perfect for a natural look. I even break this out in the cold of winter when I miss my summer makeup!

6. Next up is “Bella Bamba” blush my Benefit (Sample size shown – actual size $28 @ ULTA). They describe it as being “a 3D brightening pink face powder”. Let me tell you what – this is some of the best blush I have come across. You get just the right amount of color so that your cheeks will look amazing!

7. ULTA’s Translucent All Over Face brightening powder. If you want to look bright-eyed in the morning. Use this powder for contouring above your cheek bones and in between your nose and eyes! You are destined to be looking luminous all day!

8. Michael Kors Leg Shine-Classic ($10 beauty find @ Sephora). If this isn’t just one of the greatest things… It smells like his classic fragrance (which anything Michael Kors is fantastic)! It is like having scented pantyhose in a stick! You get a sexy sheen without the pulls and the bunching!! Legs for days – I think so…

9. Hydrating Moroccan Argan Oil Creamy Oil Body Lotion by Organix. This whole collection has the best scent – delicious, fresh, beachy, and sweet! Plus this product is organic and Moroccan Argan oil is one of Mother Nature’s best! It gives you a luxurious shine all over!

10. Good ‘Ol Burt’s Bees’ (2 count $5.47 @ Walmart). I know bees may be pesky buggers, but they produce some great stuff! Honey for your tea and 100% Natural Beeswax Lip Balm. This also has Vitamin E and Peppermint which gives your lips a cool (oh-so inviting) feeling – kissable, one might say 😉

** I can’t forget my latest pair of Cole Haan sunglasses – a thank heaven for TJ MAXX moment **

Stay beautiful my bronze babes, stay beautiful ❤



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