“Suprise – What’s Inside?” Cupcakes!

Hola – Happy Hump day! I hope you weeks haven’t been too rough yet, you’re half way there!!

So, today I write to you whilst sipping on some soup and wearing a hoodie covered in cake batter splatters! To celebrate my brother’s 21st bday (which by the way, I should totally win the Best Big Sister of the Year Award for this fiesta), I woke up early and baked what were supposed to be black bottom cupcakes. I would have baked them yesterday, but Tuesday was just craziness. I had a ton of errands, worked out the bubble butt at the gymskie, drank some kinda wonderful at Starbucks while reading yoga books (which inspired me to doodle the Sanskrit symbol for karma on my heel), cleaned, cooked, did the dishes & laundry, walked my doggie, & got dinner with my bff. Dinner turned out to be fantastic – it was ladies’ night at this place downtown that serves organic, vegan, locally grown, and gluten-free specialties. And apparently on ladies night, you get a free chair massage! 🙂

 WHOA! Got a little side tracked there – back to the cupcakes… Yeah, that cream cheese was supposed to be on top but sunk into the batter while baking! And honestly, these things are freaking delicious! I’m so glad this baking blunder happened creating these “surprise-what’s inside?” cupcakes.

Surprise What’s Inside Cupcakes <click for printable recipe>

Well, I’m going to try to not eat all of my brother’s Birthday cupcakes and focus on something more productive and less fattening (mmm but they’re so good!)…

Happy Birthday Bro & Happy Hump Day to you



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