When in doubt, add STRIPES

Now, I know this Thursday isn’t Thanksgiving (mmm cranberry relish…), but do you ever wake up and realize how thankful your are for certain things in your life? One of the things that I don’t take for granted is my eyesight. I had one of the worst torn retinas in the history of, well, torn retinas. I just found out today that the GROUND-BREAKING, surgery I had undergone has now become standard! I’m normally not the gutsiest of girls, but I am so glad I did it – especially now that I know how many other people it has helped!

Another thing Interior Designers are thankful for is STRIPES! I believe that my pupils are finally returning to their normal size, so that I can look at a computer screen and share this Thursday’s Blissful Sketch with you!

In design school, I learned that when in doubt, add stripes. Eclectic styles are very popular (my favs); getting the right balance of different pieces and patterns is paramount. If you are ever stumped when mixing fabrics, patterns, shapes, or textures – add a stripe! Stripes will always ground your look! They are classic and can effortlessly move the eye throughout a space! Try to use this word of wisdom – I hope it serves as Interior Design Therapy!

Here’s to keeping an eye on things… and stripes


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