TRENDY TUESDAY- say what?!

Hello all! I know today is not Tuesday, but we are taking the time machine back to that glorious day (I am sure you were really wishing you could relive it)! The days until my Stella & Dot Launch party are disappearing faster than a creamcheese frosted cupcake in muh general sightline… I think I have everything just about planned – plus, I can’t stop admiring my jewelry and I am sure my friends will feel the same way at the party. Layering jewelry and loading on the rings is very trendy right now. These Deco Stackable rings in Silver are fantastic to acheive a simple, sparkly, and sophistaced look. My favorite vintage style of jewelry is definitely Deco and it has made a huge comback in recent years. Art Deco uses very classic lines so adding pieces into your daily wardrobe is a must!

Stay Style Savvy with Stella & Dot

OOOoooOO – If you are interested in checking out some items *there are amazing sales right now*, please use the address below!


Road Rage

Road Rules : A Lady shall never exhibit signs of road rage during her travels.

Yeah, well that seems crazy during a rush hour commute! I try to do my best to lead a decorous life, however, I fail at keeping my cool while driving. I abide by the law, especially with headlights and turn signals!! I try to not call out stereotypical moves by notoriously bad drivers, I’m talking about you, Jersey…  But, in an effort to try harder to be a lady on a rough drive, I will try to abide by the following:

1. DO NOT flip someone the bird or use a back-handing gesture towards a “fellow” driver. (The back-hand is a signature move of mine. Clearly, I need to work on this.)

2. DO let merging cars in ahead of you with a friendly wave. (I tend to only let cars in if they utilize a turn signal. If you can’t use a turn signal, you shouldn’t operate a vehicle.)

3. DO NOT scream profanities at the other drivers, whether they see you/hear you, or not. (I do this far too often and shall stop this wretched behavior at once.)

4. DO let the person who gets to the intersection first, go first (easy enough). Also, if you get there at the same time, the person to your right should go first.

5. DO NOT break check someone. It is (apparently) not recommended to ride someone’s arse either. (I am a tailgating menace. I also slow down when someone is driving so close to my Corolla that they might as well hop in the trunk for a ride. This is something else that I need to work on.)

6. DO give pedestrians *and chickens* time to comfortably cross the street. (DUH)

7. DO NOT throw garbage out of your window whilst driving. (This is just narsty and against the law)

8. DO Share the road with cyclists, runners, etc. (It is very frustrating to deal with multiples of cyclists on a road, however, they have the right to be there too…)

In the words of Rick Ross, “With my hood on and my windows down.”  –Drive safely

Stella & Dot

Greetings everyone! I apologize for the lack the blog posts – starting 2 jobs in the same week has been interesting and very exciting! <I never seem to take that tempting ride down *easy street*> Aside from taking on the full-time challenges of being a Specifier in Lighting Sales (which I am LOVING!), I am also a Stylist for Stella & Dot!

This was my first package, filled with rings, bracelets, necklaces, & a pair of earrings!

If that wasn’t great enough, the packaging says things like “hello gorgeous”! Well, hello to you too. Yep, day has been made.

Here is the Renegade Cluster Bracelet in Gold. Ah, love at first sight! It combines bad a** spikes, with rhinestones, & a heart charm. Every girl needs one – and it comes in silver, if that tickles your fancy!

I leave you with this HEAVENLY image of some of the other jewelry I got in this first shipment.  I cannot wait to display it at my first party, which I am currently planning. The theme = “Jewels & Ghouls”. How awesome is that?! I am super excited, and you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be sharing images from that too (there is some DIY & Cooking to delight you all with)! If you are interested in checking out some of our pieces or supporting Breast Cancer Awareness, please see my site @ .  *follow me on Twitter & Instagram @01KellyGreen to stay up to date on the latest and greatest in accessories & jewelry*

Throw yourself an arm party with Stella & Dot

Get A Grip!

In my family, shaking hands is the bread and butta of a first impression. In the eyes of my Pop Pop, there is nothing worse than a week hand to shake during a greeting. He has taught me that getting a good grip means you know how to take charge and be confident.

I have always put this to great use, especially today. It was my first day on the job and I even received compliments on my handshake! Good times to use a solid handshake may consist of the following:

1) Interviews and Meetings

2) To make a nice impression on your girlfriend’s dad

3) Use it as a cool trick to teach your dog. **Really people, if dogs can do it – humans have got to do it!

4) When you are a brosef and need to great your homies

5) To jazz up a tip. (Slip the money in your hand and pass it to whomever deserves the classiest James Bond-esque tip ever)

To Getting a Grip on the best first impressions

Are you Hardcore Enough for this?

YAY! It is FITNESS FRIDAY! Now, 9 times out of 10, I try to blog about properly carrying oneself like a lady! But, when it comes to the gym – be a freak! Be a beast, get down with *yo bad sef*, sweat your bum off, don’t be afraid to go for the heavy weights, and most importantly, show the boys up! This post is long over due… I promised that shortly after I posted “The B.A. Girls’ Playlist Lite“, I would post the more hardcore version. I can personally say that these are songs I listen to just about every time I go to the gym. I swear it gets the juices flowin’, the heart a-pumpin’, and the sweat drippin’! I get so fired up from this playlist, and I am certain that you will too! WARNING: If you are faint of heart, this might not be the playlist for you!

Train like a Bad A**, Look like a Goddess

Seeing Red

I was all over God’s creation and apologize for not blogging on Thursday. So, are you “reddy” for this week’s dose of Interior Design Therapy?!

First stop in our Red inspired design post is the Revel Casino. This is the tallest casino in America. The caliber of design and entertainment is enough to make you jaw drop! I was definitely walking around in awe the whole time. If the red isn’t eye-catching enough for ya – take a look at that illuminated soffet! The light installation is so fantastic – I could talk about it for days!

Next, I headed into Philadelphia for the IIDA Product Parade with my new coworkers. I saw old faces and many new, but more importantly, I saw a lot of red! Red proved to be the total showstopper marketing  venture that a lot of venders utilized! It is eye-catching, it is imaginative, and it is classic! Don’t be afraid to showcase something in red to create a bold statement in your designs and in your fashion choices!

One very important company that combines the bold and the classic to create unforgettable designs is Herman Miller. Last night they proved that they will eternally be designing the showstopper pieces! This was the Spun Chair. You essentially lean back (use the good ‘ol abs), and come back around! It was a ton of fun and everyone just had to try it.

Sometimes, it’s okay to see RED!

Dynamic Day of Sports

This is for all of the girls who don’t quite understand sports AND this is for the boys who don’t understand why girls JUST DON’T GET IT! & this is also for my boyfriend on National Boyfriend Day!

I’d like to think that I know quite a bit about sports and have been to a handful of games *and actually paid attention*. But, this past Sunday I endured the most dynamic day of sports EVERRRR. Get a load of this – I was getting updates via my boyfriend and his ESPN app, and he was making me watch the Ryder Cup, a baseball game, and 3 football games, which was all followed by the Eagles game.

I understand the golf business and I believe I have a good grasp on baseball. However, football is just strange. These are the questions and statements I was driving him crazy with!

1. Just let me be – if I want to call Buffalo, New York’s team the Buffalos, I am going to call them the Buffalos.

2. How do you get interference? I thought that was how you stop the other team from getting points…

3. Football players are so gross. If they have a rag for sweat tucked into their pants, why must they lick their fingers? You are telling me that the only place on their body that isn’t sweaty right now, is their palms? Hello, my palms are sweating right now just from typing!

4. Is Clay Matthews related to Lief Erickson? Is he of Nordic descent? If I saw that coming towards me, I would just hand him the ball.

5. If your name is DeSean or LeSean, you definitely know how to play football.

6. OMG! That man weighs over 320 lbs – I can’t stop staring at his hind quarters – I wonder what I would look like if I stood next to him.

7. The Giants have the most heinous outfits I have ever seen.

8. If Andy Reid would give me 3 minutes of his time, I will tell him how the Eagles can win at football. (Apparently, my idea is against the rules…)

9. Are the Green Bay Packers from the cheese packing district? Why are they called that?

10. Wait, what’s the difference between a punter and a kicker? I thought they both kicked the ball!

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Football Season Schmootball Schmeason! Someday I will learn to love it! ❤




Your Fall Wardrobe Starts Here!

And, we are on in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…. Welcome to another Trendy Tuesday with your host, Kelly Greenawalt! Today, I am sharing some must-have articles of clothing for Fall. These are a few simple items that every girl needs to have in her closet to be looking super *hott* this season. You can mix and match just about everything on this list to create a perfect wardrobe! So let’s get started! I drew up a little cheat sheet for you below!

Tune in next week for the SECOND CHAPTER – “Your Go To Fall Accessories”.  This will help you mix the items below with a scarf, a statement belt, a long necklace, or booties! I will include more looks and tips, & remember, get your fashionable looks here!!

Stay Fabulous this Fall!

Tourist Troubles

Rule Number 10: Do not act like the stereotypical tourist, so be a step above the rest and act like a lady! -10. from the Decorum and Fashion Page!

Correct me if I am wrong, but we have all been somewhat touristy and have taken pictures, like the one on the left, at some point in our lives! However, you never want to appear as the crazy tourist in the group. Some things YOU DO NOT WANT TO DO are as follows:

1. Hey there big mouth, there is no need for the profanities! -Typically, there will be a child within ear distance (or some prude 80-year-old woman) so keep your rude comments and obnoxious behavior to yourself!

2. WHOA buddy! Keep it down in the back row, I am trying to listen to the tour guide! -It is always beneficial to listen to a tour guide so that you can absorb an uber amount of information. Yet, there is no need to scream to your fellow friends about how the tour might be boring you, because chances are, you are the only bored one in the group.

3. Uhm, excuse me, mother with a child on a monkey leash, a baby in the biggest stroller I’ve ever seen, and the screaming toddler, please keep an eye on your children. -Tourist sites, as crazy as they may be sometimes, are not playgrounds. Period.

Bottom line, mind your manners – especially if you are travelling to another country. Carry yourself (and your massive Nikon) well and respect others and the monuments.

Always act like the well-travelled lady you want to be!