Dynamic Day of Sports

This is for all of the girls who don’t quite understand sports AND this is for the boys who don’t understand why girls JUST DON’T GET IT! & this is also for my boyfriend on National Boyfriend Day!

I’d like to think that I know quite a bit about sports and have been to a handful of games *and actually paid attention*. But, this past Sunday I endured the most dynamic day of sports EVERRRR. Get a load of this – I was getting updates via my boyfriend and his ESPN app, and he was making me watch the Ryder Cup, a baseball game, and 3 football games, which was all followed by the Eagles game.

I understand the golf business and I believe I have a good grasp on baseball. However, football is just strange. These are the questions and statements I was driving him crazy with!

1. Just let me be – if I want to call Buffalo, New York’s team the Buffalos, I am going to call them the Buffalos.

2. How do you get interference? I thought that was how you stop the other team from getting points…

3. Football players are so gross. If they have a rag for sweat tucked into their pants, why must they lick their fingers? You are telling me that the only place on their body that isn’t sweaty right now, is their palms? Hello, my palms are sweating right now just from typing!

4. Is Clay Matthews related to Lief Erickson? Is he of Nordic descent? If I saw that coming towards me, I would just hand him the ball.

5. If your name is DeSean or LeSean, you definitely know how to play football.

6. OMG! That man weighs over 320 lbs – I can’t stop staring at his hind quarters – I wonder what I would look like if I stood next to him.

7. The Giants have the most heinous outfits I have ever seen.

8. If Andy Reid would give me 3 minutes of his time, I will tell him how the Eagles can win at football. (Apparently, my idea is against the rules…)

9. Are the Green Bay Packers from the cheese packing district? Why are they called that?

10. Wait, what’s the difference between a punter and a kicker? I thought they both kicked the ball!

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Football Season Schmootball Schmeason! Someday I will learn to love it! ❤





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