Seeing Red

I was all over God’s creation and apologize for not blogging on Thursday. So, are you “reddy” for this week’s dose of Interior Design Therapy?!

First stop in our Red inspired design post is the Revel Casino. This is the tallest casino in America. The caliber of design and entertainment is enough to make you jaw drop! I was definitely walking around in awe the whole time. If the red isn’t eye-catching enough for ya – take a look at that illuminated soffet! The light installation is so fantastic – I could talk about it for days!

Next, I headed into Philadelphia for the IIDA Product Parade with my new coworkers. I saw old faces and many new, but more importantly, I saw a lot of red! Red proved to be the total showstopper marketing  venture that a lot of venders utilized! It is eye-catching, it is imaginative, and it is classic! Don’t be afraid to showcase something in red to create a bold statement in your designs and in your fashion choices!

One very important company that combines the bold and the classic to create unforgettable designs is Herman Miller. Last night they proved that they will eternally be designing the showstopper pieces! This was the Spun Chair. You essentially lean back (use the good ‘ol abs), and come back around! It was a ton of fun and everyone just had to try it.

Sometimes, it’s okay to see RED!


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