Get A Grip!

In my family, shaking hands is the bread and butta of a first impression. In the eyes of my Pop Pop, there is nothing worse than a week hand to shake during a greeting. He has taught me that getting a good grip means you know how to take charge and be confident.

I have always put this to great use, especially today. It was my first day on the job and I even received compliments on my handshake! Good times to use a solid handshake may consist of the following:

1) Interviews and Meetings

2) To make a nice impression on your girlfriend’s dad

3) Use it as a cool trick to teach your dog. **Really people, if dogs can do it – humans have got to do it!

4) When you are a brosef and need to great your homies

5) To jazz up a tip. (Slip the money in your hand and pass it to whomever deserves the classiest James Bond-esque tip ever)

To Getting a Grip on the best first impressions


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