Road Rage

Road Rules : A Lady shall never exhibit signs of road rage during her travels.

Yeah, well that seems crazy during a rush hour commute! I try to do my best to lead a decorous life, however, I fail at keeping my cool while driving. I abide by the law, especially with headlights and turn signals!! I try to not call out stereotypical moves by notoriously bad drivers, I’m talking about you, Jersey…  But, in an effort to try harder to be a lady on a rough drive, I will try to abide by the following:

1. DO NOT flip someone the bird or use a back-handing gesture towards a “fellow” driver. (The back-hand is a signature move of mine. Clearly, I need to work on this.)

2. DO let merging cars in ahead of you with a friendly wave. (I tend to only let cars in if they utilize a turn signal. If you can’t use a turn signal, you shouldn’t operate a vehicle.)

3. DO NOT scream profanities at the other drivers, whether they see you/hear you, or not. (I do this far too often and shall stop this wretched behavior at once.)

4. DO let the person who gets to the intersection first, go first (easy enough). Also, if you get there at the same time, the person to your right should go first.

5. DO NOT break check someone. It is (apparently) not recommended to ride someone’s arse either. (I am a tailgating menace. I also slow down when someone is driving so close to my Corolla that they might as well hop in the trunk for a ride. This is something else that I need to work on.)

6. DO give pedestrians *and chickens* time to comfortably cross the street. (DUH)

7. DO NOT throw garbage out of your window whilst driving. (This is just narsty and against the law)

8. DO Share the road with cyclists, runners, etc. (It is very frustrating to deal with multiples of cyclists on a road, however, they have the right to be there too…)

In the words of Rick Ross, “With my hood on and my windows down.”  –Drive safely


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