In Art, There Aren’t Manners

According to good ‘ol Google, today would mark Rodin’s 172nd Birthday! In honor of one of the greats, I have decided to write today’s “Monday Manners” on the free spirit of the Arts! I went to The ART Institute of Philadelphia and let me tell you what – I have seen things and learned things about art that I never would have dreamt about. From pornography to very interesting interpretations! Below are some examples of why art has no bounds, why it is radical at times, and why it is not always ladylike.

1) Hmm, so you want to put on a show and create a painting all at the same time… Well, kill two birds with one stone and do the following: Paint your naked bodies blue and roll around on a canvas in front of an audience. <<Yves Klein>>

2) I know, you are an extremist and you need to make a statement today…. Go ahead, drop a crucifix into your own pee and take a picture of it! Voila, photography at its finest. <<Andres Serrano>>

3) It’s about 1647 and your goal is to have us speculate divine spirituality and sexuality. You are probably asking yourself, “In one piece of artwork?! Oh my Lord!” Take Bernini’s portrayal of The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa. Do the research, read the verse, look at the sculpture… <<Bernini>>

4) Is it right for a father to eat his child? It most certainly is not right…well… not unless… he is REALLY hungry and this is just a painting we are talking about!!! <<Saturn Devouring His Son by Goya>>

5) Typically, it is not publicly acceptable to appear before others in the nude! However, with art you can paint/draw/sculpt nudes all the live long day and then people can “oogle” at them in museums! Just check out the Rodin Museum for some inspiration 😉 <<Rodin Museum in Philadelphia, Pa>>

To staying Artistic & Well-Mannered ❤


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