Grandma Style

Good Evening All!

I have missed you terribly!! I think I am finally mastering the full-time job, the part-time job, the bills, the family, the friends, the amazing boyfriend, and the “perils of being in 3-D”! So aside from watching Bridget Jones in my flat and listening to Incubus today, I thought of another one of my oddities. Yes, there are many – but resembling a Grandma is one of them on my mind recently.

So, help me out readers. Do you do these things or Does your Grandma do these things?

#1 Do you enjoy a hot cup of tea multiple times throughout the day? And if you want to treat yourself, do you whip out your antique sugar spoons to stir in a bit of honey that you squeezed out of a teddy bear-shaped bottle?  YOU or GRANDMA

#2 I know Snookie is the farthest thing from a Granny, except for one tiny factor: SLIPPERS! Do you wear slippers and swish around in them all day when you are at home, driving, or reading books and doing crossword puzzles? And when friends gave you the slipper socks, was that the greatest day everrrr?  YOU or GRANDMA


#3 Do you enjoy a good ‘ol bowl of oatmeal for breakfast? Or possibly, do you like to eat whole grain toast with peanut butter and raisins that are perfectly placed so each bite equals one raisin? Oh, wait, maybe that’s my OCD coming out?!! haha!  YOU or GRANDMA or ocd…

#4 Do you knit for relaxation? Do you knit while wearing very dorky blankets? Then, do you keep your knitting in an apothecary jar?  YOU or GRANDMA

knitting#5 Do you keep candy in jars around your house or apartment? I have one in the living room, one in the kitchen, and one in the bedroom…… Hey, it’s just because I am so sweet! 😉 YOU or GRANDMA

#6 Are “night lights” your thing?! YOU or GRANDMA

#7 Would one also say that cardigans are your thing?  YOU or GRANDMA

#8 Lastly, and in conclusion, is this what your doorstop looks like?  YOU or GRANDMA

door stopIf you have said yes to any of the above, you have made my night!

Here’s to Rockin’ it Grandma Style


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