Grandma Style – The Sequel

grandma sequelGood Evening little ones!

Just as I had suspected, after telling my friends about my “Grandma Style” post, they mentioned some of my other grandma-like qualities….. To get down to business, my friends said enough things for me to post a sequel. So here we go on another round of YOU or GRANDMA!?

1. Are Bundts your thing – both mini and regular sized? Do you also have a carrying case for your bundts? YOU or GRANDMA

2. Are you considered the mama in your group of friends because you always bring snacks and games to the party? YOU or GRANDMA

3. Do you grow basil in a teapot in your window sill? YOU or GRANDMA

4. Does your bedside table have lavender scented items (including a sachet and store-brand baby lotion) and also prayer cards with a mini Rosary? YOU or GRANDMA

5. Do you decorate for every holiday, even though you live on your own? YOU or GRANDMA

6. Is there a stuffed animal of a lamb on your sofa? WHAT!? YOU or GRANDMA

7. Are clipping coupons for yourself and sharing them with others your thing? YOU or GRANDMA

8. Do you rock your mom’s 80s glasses to bring you back to another time? YOU or GRANDMA

Phew – I hope this holds my friends over for a while. I also can’t imagine what else I do that makes me an 80 year old woman, but hey, I am sure they will point something else out to me! Speaking of Grandmothers – I also wanted to add the main reason why I started this blog was to share some of my Mom-Mom’s wisdome! Hey, I am just spreading the love in the form of bundt cakes and party games and attempting to be as caring as she was!

Keep on keepin’ on Grandmas


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