Dissecting A Female’s Apartment

living roomGood Evening Friends!

I am so proud of how “homey” my living room space has turned out. Today, I will dissect the living room of a young lady’s apartment. Aside from me turning IKEA into a one stop shop ($1000 for 2 side tables, a sofa, set of steak knives, a tv stand, a shelf for my bedroom, and delivery), I also got some hand-me-down chairs and accent pieces from my Mom-Mom’s collection. I am ballin’ on a budget here people!

1) This is a freakin’ awesome tortoise-shell from Target because Target is great! Even though it is from the Nate Berkus Collection, it reminded me of the GREAT TORTOISE SHELL WALL by Kelly Wearstler (my fav interior designer).

2) Let me put it into perspective: a bottle of red – because ladies nights happen and wine soothes the soul. ’nuff said.

3) My Smart TV and Blu-Ray Player were a bit more money.  Netflix + Pandora + YouTubing Jenna Marbles on the big screen was worth it. What is not worth it, are the cryptic Comcast bills….

4) What’s behind curtain number one? As stated before, I do indeed grow basil in a tea-pot. The tea-pot was MADE by one of my bffs and the basil is from Giant. I love basil on my eggs and in my homemade tomato sauces. It is way cheaper to get a plant than to buy those packets that never get used all at once anyway!

5) A candle and books of yoga wisdom. Strong mind and strong body!!

6) Magazines on a trunk that was used as my mom’s coffee table in her first apartment too! I store blankies in it and cut coupons on it! It is a great place in my living room!

7) BARGAIN BUY! 2 antique, folding bar stools for the price of one! They are located at the kitchen island. They are very “shabby chic” and I love them!

Stay true to you and make your living room your own ❤