Summer Bucket List 7/11: Read Yourself to Another Place

Good Evening! I put up a post with a Summer reading list last year, and it is that time again!


I love laying on a lounger with some iced tea and reading a book – just letting it take me to another place!

13 summer bookieThe books on my list to finish by the end of Summer are Big Girl Pants by Stephanie Evanovich – because every girl loves a “sassy and sexy” story!! I started Dear Girls Above Me by Charlie McDowell which so far, has totally like made me LOL… like so many times! Don’t judge me! That is just a taste of what the girls in this book sound like! I have a habit of dog earing pages that I like. Let’s just say this book already has a lot of folded down pages!! I finally got my hands on a 30% off copy of Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn at Target. I am very excited to start reading this – I have heard nothing but awesome reviews. Lastly, I am rereading the Hunger Games books before Catching Fire comes out in November.

Please join me in doing some Summer reading. If you have recommendations, I read about 3 at once (one for bedtime, one for outside time, and one for stationary bicycle time), so bring it on!!

To a good read and exploring new places ❤



4 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List 7/11: Read Yourself to Another Place

    • Hi Allison! Thank you so much for commenting and also sharing a link to your review on Gone Girl! I have heard that the twists have thrown off so many – I will definitely let you know my thoughts 🙂

  1. I loved your summer reading list! Whenever I try to start one, I end up wandering off because I find an author I love or I read a book review of something not on my list that I just *have* to download right that second! 🙂

    Happy reading!

    • Hi Michelle – thank you so much for your kind comment! Join me in reading some of these/let me know which you are committing to this summer! I get thrown off course too, but the bucket list keeps me on track! Happy reading to you too!

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