Summer Bucket List 7/30: Try a Veggie Burger

Hi Friends!

When you think of Summer bucket lists, you probably think of grilling or having a picnic. When you think of grilling and picnics, you probably think of hotdogs and hamburgers. Now, I used to hate hotdogs; I had this whole problem with food that jiggled but I have since seen the light and now am a fan of the grilled weenie. However, burgers… burgers are a different story. I have a severe aversion to them. It was this whole beefy, juicy slider fiasco of 2007 that I would rather not relive – not just for my own benefit, but for yours too!


2013 veggie burgerIn an effort to bring different versions of burgers back into my life, I decided to make my own veggie burger. I found a recipe on my “PopSugar” App which called for a mixture of quinoa, chickpeas, barley, sweet potato, and peppers, among other seasonings. I didn’t have barley, but I did have brown rice. I also didn’t have red peppers, but I did have red pepper flakes! I baked them instead of frying them in a pan and I must say they turned out great! I lightly pickled some cucumbers and used fat free sour cream on the side! It was a great dinner and I am ready to eat it again tonight…make that right now!!

For the recipe:

Let me know if you have amazing veggie burger recommendations!

Bye Beef – Hello Veggies!



Summer Bucket List 7/23: Cool off with Gelato!

Hey ladies and gents!

There are some things in life that are just plain magical. Gelato would be one of those things —- so magical, so powerful, that I swear the heavens opened and down came gelato on a white cloud …with one of those fun mini spoons… ready to be devoured!



If you haven’t tried gelato- pleeeaaasee add it to your *Summer Bucket List*! If you are very adventurous (you go girl), enjoy it in Italia like I am doing in this picture!

As my boyfriend and I were walking in the streets of Sorrento, we stopped at an open door where a man was making frozen drinks. When my boyfriend went to pay, he stopped and called out to me as if he had discovered a treasure trove! In many ways, he had!! It was a gelateria swarming with locals. I had to try the pistachio mixed with Toblerone in a cone!  It was the creamiest and richest gelato I ever had and it certainly cooled me off that Summer night!

Spread the magic with gelato!

Summer Bucket List 7/15: Dinner Theatre

Hi Everyone! My Summer reading list has been working out wonderfully! I have also been adding quite a few other items to my list – one that is now completed is going to a dinner theatre!


13 mystery dinner theatreIn memory of my first date, at the most romantic restaurant in Philadelphia (really – it won awards!), I surprised my boyfriend with a Mystery Dinner Theatre production at Bistro Romano. I have ALWAYS wanted to experience a dinner theatre/a murder mystery theatre! This killed two birds with one stone! Little did I know- I would be selected to participate… as “Bambi”… the sex addict. With my luck, of course, I would get this role!!! The murder mystery *dun dun dun* took place at a meeting for those with behavioral disorders. Now, my role doesn’t seem so out of place does it?! hahaha! It was like playing Clue, in real-life – but just with actors, no actual murderers. My beau and I had an absolute blast and laughed quite a bit at the characters, especially the stereotypical Jewish mother who, with Manischewitz in hand, served us an Italian dinner. LOVED IT! Great food, great spirits, and great fun!

I highly recommend this experience! Those near the City of Brotherly Love (Philadelphia), please check out If you guess the killer correctly (like my smart self and my boyfriend did), your name will be drawn to win a gift card!

To playing Clue

Summer Bucket List 7/11: Read Yourself to Another Place

Good Evening! I put up a post with a Summer reading list last year, and it is that time again!


I love laying on a lounger with some iced tea and reading a book – just letting it take me to another place!

13 summer bookieThe books on my list to finish by the end of Summer are Big Girl Pants by Stephanie Evanovich – because every girl loves a “sassy and sexy” story!! I started Dear Girls Above Me by Charlie McDowell which so far, has totally like made me LOL… like so many times! Don’t judge me! That is just a taste of what the girls in this book sound like! I have a habit of dog earing pages that I like. Let’s just say this book already has a lot of folded down pages!! I finally got my hands on a 30% off copy of Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn at Target. I am very excited to start reading this – I have heard nothing but awesome reviews. Lastly, I am rereading the Hunger Games books before Catching Fire comes out in November.

Please join me in doing some Summer reading. If you have recommendations, I read about 3 at once (one for bedtime, one for outside time, and one for stationary bicycle time), so bring it on!!

To a good read and exploring new places ❤


Summer Bucket List 7/9: Have a Meal Outdoors

Hey everybody! I hope your 4th of July celebration was filled with family, friends, sunshine, fireworks, great food, and a cocktail…or two….


This is a fairly simple item on my bucket list this Summer. I don’t know about you, but if I do not get outside, I feel like the day has been wasted! I’m drawn to sunshine, fresh air, and I like my Vitamin Deeeeeeee! Today, I had a late lunch of leftovers on my balcony while responding to emails. (Praise The Lord for the gift of the iPhone) It was not as relaxing as I had hoped, but it still put a smile on my face and on my food baby’s face too! hahaha

13 summer lunch

Some things I should warn “the indoor” breed of girls about before attempting, this “outdoor eating idea”:

1) A fly may or may not land on you, near you, or in your food. A swatting motion will solve your problems. If your throat burns or you hear a strange buzzing inside of your ear, honey, it’s too late.

2) If you live by the shore, a crazed seagull could, quite possibly steal food from you. The Jersey shore birds, I think, were cross-bred with the honey badger because they don’t care, they will scoop an entire weenie right off of a flame-filled grill, then fly backwards….

3) If it is really hot, and sweat wasn’t invited to the party, make yourself a frozen margarita. However, if you are a working girl, make sure the alcoholic beverages are kept for after work hours. 😉

4) And on a serious note, if grilling or throwing a bash for a group, keep perishable foods below 40 degrees. Food covers and nets are always a must to keep bugs out! Also, use separate dishes and utensils when cooking meats and fish. Food can go bad, become cross-contaminated, or worse…bacteria can fester and it’s only downhill from there!

To the great outdoors and food babies ❤

Summer Bucket List 7/2: Visit a Museum

Hello Again! I hope you are attempting to enjoy this seemingly apocalyptic weather we are having! It was abnormally hot in Roma while I was checking things off of my bucket list. One thing is for sure, despite the heat, cover your shoulders and knees if you expect to visit religious places. Take it from the girl who was denied access because she was wearing a very sad excuse for shorts….. that girl isn’t me, of course….. 😉


Your museum trip doesn’t have to be as extravagant as the Vatican Museum with its maze of sites that end at the Sistine Chapel. You should take any chance you can get to visit a museum that revolves around a subject of interest to you! I love historic art pieces and when I am in a hopeless DIY’er mood thinking about painting a room in the house, I can think of the ceiling in the picture below…… puts things into perspective, doesn’t it?!

13 summer museum

So join me in checking this fun activity off of your list, even if you don’t get to see the Loacoon Group or chillax with an ancient Egyptian monkey god sculpture…

To museum goers everywhere!!

Summer Bucket List 7/1: Mani Pedi

Hello!!!! I have missed all of my blogging friends and it has been far too long! I can’t believe I started this Bucket List idea last summer and here we are in the Summer of 2013! I missed doing this sooooo much 🙂

13 summer mani pedi


I would say there are two preparatory regimens that a woman must do before her first Summer get away. 1) is getting in shape for dreaded bikini shopping and 2) is getting a mani/pedi. Since I was going to the Mediterranean, I grabbed several exciting Victoria’s Secret bathing suites, which of course gave me the most interesting of tan lines and did it up with “Cajun Shrimp” by OPI on my fingernails and my toenails. Getting manicures and pedicures are so relaxing and always put a smile on my face…Plus, if your Vietnamese pedicurist laughing as hard as you do when they tickle your feet during the exfoliation process doesn’t make your day, I don’t know what would! Long story short,  I was ready for flip flops in Capri and seashell rings. * By the way, feeling like Ariel while wearing my seashell ring with coral colored nails was a priceless experience! *

So knock this off your bucket list, if you haven’t already!!

To ticklish feet and manicured nails



Dissecting A Female’s Apartment

living roomGood Evening Friends!

I am so proud of how “homey” my living room space has turned out. Today, I will dissect the living room of a young lady’s apartment. Aside from me turning IKEA into a one stop shop ($1000 for 2 side tables, a sofa, set of steak knives, a tv stand, a shelf for my bedroom, and delivery), I also got some hand-me-down chairs and accent pieces from my Mom-Mom’s collection. I am ballin’ on a budget here people!

1) This is a freakin’ awesome tortoise-shell from Target because Target is great! Even though it is from the Nate Berkus Collection, it reminded me of the GREAT TORTOISE SHELL WALL by Kelly Wearstler (my fav interior designer).

2) Let me put it into perspective: a bottle of red – because ladies nights happen and wine soothes the soul. ’nuff said.

3) My Smart TV and Blu-Ray Player were a bit more money.  Netflix + Pandora + YouTubing Jenna Marbles on the big screen was worth it. What is not worth it, are the cryptic Comcast bills….

4) What’s behind curtain number one? As stated before, I do indeed grow basil in a tea-pot. The tea-pot was MADE by one of my bffs and the basil is from Giant. I love basil on my eggs and in my homemade tomato sauces. It is way cheaper to get a plant than to buy those packets that never get used all at once anyway!

5) A candle and books of yoga wisdom. Strong mind and strong body!!

6) Magazines on a trunk that was used as my mom’s coffee table in her first apartment too! I store blankies in it and cut coupons on it! It is a great place in my living room!

7) BARGAIN BUY! 2 antique, folding bar stools for the price of one! They are located at the kitchen island. They are very “shabby chic” and I love them!

Stay true to you and make your living room your own ❤

Grandma Style – The Sequel

grandma sequelGood Evening little ones!

Just as I had suspected, after telling my friends about my “Grandma Style” post, they mentioned some of my other grandma-like qualities….. To get down to business, my friends said enough things for me to post a sequel. So here we go on another round of YOU or GRANDMA!?

1. Are Bundts your thing – both mini and regular sized? Do you also have a carrying case for your bundts? YOU or GRANDMA

2. Are you considered the mama in your group of friends because you always bring snacks and games to the party? YOU or GRANDMA

3. Do you grow basil in a teapot in your window sill? YOU or GRANDMA

4. Does your bedside table have lavender scented items (including a sachet and store-brand baby lotion) and also prayer cards with a mini Rosary? YOU or GRANDMA

5. Do you decorate for every holiday, even though you live on your own? YOU or GRANDMA

6. Is there a stuffed animal of a lamb on your sofa? WHAT!? YOU or GRANDMA

7. Are clipping coupons for yourself and sharing them with others your thing? YOU or GRANDMA

8. Do you rock your mom’s 80s glasses to bring you back to another time? YOU or GRANDMA

Phew – I hope this holds my friends over for a while. I also can’t imagine what else I do that makes me an 80 year old woman, but hey, I am sure they will point something else out to me! Speaking of Grandmothers – I also wanted to add the main reason why I started this blog was to share some of my Mom-Mom’s wisdome! Hey, I am just spreading the love in the form of bundt cakes and party games and attempting to be as caring as she was!

Keep on keepin’ on Grandmas

Grandma Style

Good Evening All!

I have missed you terribly!! I think I am finally mastering the full-time job, the part-time job, the bills, the family, the friends, the amazing boyfriend, and the “perils of being in 3-D”! So aside from watching Bridget Jones in my flat and listening to Incubus today, I thought of another one of my oddities. Yes, there are many – but resembling a Grandma is one of them on my mind recently.

So, help me out readers. Do you do these things or Does your Grandma do these things?

#1 Do you enjoy a hot cup of tea multiple times throughout the day? And if you want to treat yourself, do you whip out your antique sugar spoons to stir in a bit of honey that you squeezed out of a teddy bear-shaped bottle?  YOU or GRANDMA

#2 I know Snookie is the farthest thing from a Granny, except for one tiny factor: SLIPPERS! Do you wear slippers and swish around in them all day when you are at home, driving, or reading books and doing crossword puzzles? And when friends gave you the slipper socks, was that the greatest day everrrr?  YOU or GRANDMA


#3 Do you enjoy a good ‘ol bowl of oatmeal for breakfast? Or possibly, do you like to eat whole grain toast with peanut butter and raisins that are perfectly placed so each bite equals one raisin? Oh, wait, maybe that’s my OCD coming out?!! haha!  YOU or GRANDMA or ocd…

#4 Do you knit for relaxation? Do you knit while wearing very dorky blankets? Then, do you keep your knitting in an apothecary jar?  YOU or GRANDMA

knitting#5 Do you keep candy in jars around your house or apartment? I have one in the living room, one in the kitchen, and one in the bedroom…… Hey, it’s just because I am so sweet! 😉 YOU or GRANDMA

#6 Are “night lights” your thing?! YOU or GRANDMA

#7 Would one also say that cardigans are your thing?  YOU or GRANDMA

#8 Lastly, and in conclusion, is this what your doorstop looks like?  YOU or GRANDMA

door stopIf you have said yes to any of the above, you have made my night!

Here’s to Rockin’ it Grandma Style