Summer Checklist : Day 6

Hello All! I apologize for not blogging about our countdown to fall – things have been nutty! I have been all over the place, but the good news is that I got a job offer and will be employed as of October 8th!!

ITEM 24 : Rock out at a concert!

Ok, so, I have only ever seen Nick Lachey (yes, I know…) and Rascal Flatts live before. So, as you can imagine, a rock concert was definitely a must for me! Believe it or not, I head banged last night and wore really cute leopard print jeans! I was there early enough to stand in the second row at an outdoor concert (which was free I might add) for The Ready Set, Boys Like Girls, and All American Rejects. With a drink in one hand, my iPhone snapping shots in the other, I was in one crazy, rockin’ paradise! I even sang along – and apparently took a video in which you can hear me singing like a tone-deaf twelve-year-old boy! *good times*

You can check local listings, listen to your favorite radio stations, follow fan sites and Twitter accounts to find out when and where free concerts are in your area!

Rockin’ it


Summer Checklist : Day 27

The countdown to Fall continues…

ITEM 5 : Try a new type of cuisine!

One that knows me might very well say that they are shocked to find that I have not scored the lead role in an episode of my 600 Pound Life! For those of you who do not know me, I am a rather petite, lil’ lady who has a knack for putting food away like no other! Enjoying unique restaurants and fine, fresh food is something everyone should do this Summer! My favorite find has been Kanella – Greek Cypriot Kitchen in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, Pa. It has been voted to have the one of the top ten best breakfasts in America! If you have not had Greek food, I strongly recommend it. This year, I have also tried a new Thai place and had a fish that’s origins are prehistoric! You have 27 days left to satisfy your taste buds at a new joint with friends and family!

Cheers to digging in and dining out.

Summer Checklist : Day 28

Still enjoying that Summer heat? There’s only 28 days left!!

ITEM 4 : Take me out to the ball game!

Have you gone to a baseball game yet this year? If not, there is still time left in this season. You can tailgate with friends, enjoy some great food (cheese steaks if you are a Phillies Phan), or go on a giveaway night! I got a bobble head and the Phanatic threw free hot dogs into the crowd! What sounds better than catching a flying weenie?

Represent the home team



Summer Checklist : Day 29

ITEM 3 : Relax with a Cold Drink in Your Hand

If you can’t make it to the Caribbean this Summer, this BahamaRita from Bahama Breezes will satisfy your taste buds and have you relaxing and unwinding in no time! Tropical drinks might be a little girly, but oh my goodness are they a good time or what?! Looking at this picture alone makes me want another – and yes I do realize it is only the middle of the afternoon! But, as they say, it is 5 o’clock somewhere! Check out Bahama Breezes’ Caribbean Recipes Website to make this at home:

Remember, Drink Responsibly my Bahama Mamas ❤

Summer Checklist : Day 30

Time is ticking down on this beautiful Thursday! We only have 30 days left of Summer! Can we make the best of it’s warmth before the Autumnal Equinox?!

ITEM 2 : Get to the shore folks!

Shh! Don’t tell my bed, but the beach is probably the most relaxing place on earth! Picture this – the sand between your toes, the heat beating down on your skin (which in my case, desperately needs some color!), and the sound of the waves crashing on to the shore! Do you wish you were there yet?! Whether you are the lone traveler, or like to make an event out the trip with friends and family, the beach is the perfect Summer getaway! Plus, who doesn’t enjoy a little time chasing the seagulls away while eating some boardwalk food? 🙂

Take in that salty sea air my friends and rock those stunna shades! Over and out beach beauties ❤

Summer Checklist : DAY 31

ALERT! ALERT! There is only 1 month of Summer left!! Have you done everything you wanted to? I don’t know about you, but mine flew by and there is still so much sun left to soak up! So here is a checklist of things I need to complete before I trade in the bikinis and flops for sweaters and ankle boots!

ITEM 1: Dive into a great book!

I like to read about 3 books at once so this has gone by pretty quickly for me! I will finish the last book of the Hunger Games series tonight (if you have not read them yet, please do – they are to die for). I am also on the last Fifty Shades book and in the middle of White Girl Problems. I have finished The Lucky One and will soon start Something Borrowed. So much reading and only 31 days till Fall!

Pull up a beach chair, slather on that SPF 30 (or 50 if you experience White Girl Problems), and Dive in! ❤