One Hot Run

My friends! Today, I am not talking about looking hot while running (wish I was), I am talking about how to suit up for a run on a hot day!

This marks Summer Bucket List Day 3!!











A major part of my bucket list will always be to run as frequently as possible. Dressing the part isn’t always easy when it is humid and in the 90s all day LONG!! I do have a good rule of thumb, though the dorkier, the comfier. This rule does not just apply to running in extreme weather, it also applies to pajamas, slippers, sweatpants, & novelty t-shirts.

So, what do I typically wear in the heat on the trail? –Athletic socks, trail runner sneaks (mama needs the traction), a padded sports bra (yeah, I am a lady), a breathable and bright tank, a cap, sunscreen, bug spray (if you even knew the amount of bugs that have drowned in my sweat, died upon impact, & are in my belly, you’d be terrified), and “deo” for BO (just kidding about the BO, remember, I am a lady). And… my new, fav, dorky accessory- the towel I wrap around my neck!

Let me know about your tips for running!

Stay cool runner babes ❤




Your Fall Wardrobe Starts Here!

And, we are on in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…. Welcome to another Trendy Tuesday with your host, Kelly Greenawalt! Today, I am sharing some must-have articles of clothing for Fall. These are a few simple items that every girl needs to have in her closet to be looking super *hott* this season. You can mix and match just about everything on this list to create a perfect wardrobe! So let’s get started! I drew up a little cheat sheet for you below!

Tune in next week for the SECOND CHAPTER – “Your Go To Fall Accessories”.  This will help you mix the items below with a scarf, a statement belt, a long necklace, or booties! I will include more looks and tips, & remember, get your fashionable looks here!!

Stay Fabulous this Fall!

Glimpse at Fall Fashion

Hello everyone! Here’s your first look at some of my go-to pieces for fall.

1. If it is tortoise-shell – wear it! This made an appearance in summer, and it’s going to stick around! It is such a classic look and has made a great comeback. Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors reignited that fashion fire! LOVE IT!

2. Natural fall colors are always a great inspiration for anything in the fashion and design world. Right now, if you see the color in a leaf – it’s in: bright mustards, muted pinks, deep purples, greens, and browns.

3. TEXTURE IS HUGE! You wake up and you’re cold, you get to your lunch break and it’s warm, then you get back home and it’s chilly again! Dressing for this kind of weather is easiest if you know how to layer. One of the easiest rules is to add texture. If you wear a simple undershirt add a textured sweater over top. Don a satin shirt and throw a studded leather jacket on over top. Layering and completing a look is all about mixing colors, patterns, and adding textures!

*For my first look: Tortoise-shell Michael Kors boyfriend watch, “You Don’t Know Jacques” OPI nail color, gold arrow band from Charming Charlies, Franco Sarto Leather Peeptoes, an oversized cream sweater from Express, oatmeal colored tank from Target, Straight leg jeans from Express-cuffed at the bottom, & my great-grandmother’s gold necklace*

Let the leaves guide your fall fashion needs



Summer Checklist : Day 22

ITEM 10 : Look like a knockout in this season’s fashion trends!

Labor Day is right around the corner, and although that means white shoes are out of the question, you can still rock other summer fashions before September 22! Here are the top 5 trends of SUMMER 2012!

1. Sexiest Summer Trend >Hi-Low  Skirts, especially sheer ones! I got mine at Forever 21 on sale ! They look great with a pair of simple heels & a belt!

2. Throwback Summer Trend >Tribal Patterns & Animal Prints are really hot this season – not just in fashion, but also in home decor!

3. Bling Bling Summer Trend >Big Rings, Bow Jewelry, & layered bangles AKA arm candy are super cut this season and my bet is that you will continue to see them this fall! (jewelry in image from Charming Charlie)

4. Most Fun Summer Trend >Mani – Pedi Time Ladies! Nail art is everywhere right now & if you have yet to take a trip to your favorite nail salon – now is the time to do it! You can go for girly, glitter nails (Full Spectrum by China Glaze, as shown by yours truly), or try a twist on a classic with colorful-tipped French manicures.

5. Best Badass Summer Trend >Last, but most certainly not least – Spiked Heels! If you are looking for an edgy, nighttime look – spiked heels and cat eyes are a must!

Be Summer Sexy