Define EDM


avicii twoHey Lovelies,

Bucket List Item #6

Go to an EDM Concert!

Bucket List Item #7

Go to an Outdoor Concert!

Well, Mama killed 2 birds with 1 stone by seeing Avicii at an outdoor venue in Virginia.

So… what is EDM? Sounds a whole lot like a disease if you ask me. Even though I would consider EDM to be contagious, spreading across festival season this year, it’s just Electronic Dance Music! Fear Not Friends! I might say that EDM has side effects as well. Get ready to be blinded by neon outfits – to be sweated from dancing in the summer heat – to be exhausted from spontaneous jumping. But the most common side effect is smiling!

So smile, dance, be…. electric? Yeahhhh!! ❤





Summer Checklist : Day 6

Hello All! I apologize for not blogging about our countdown to fall – things have been nutty! I have been all over the place, but the good news is that I got a job offer and will be employed as of October 8th!!

ITEM 24 : Rock out at a concert!

Ok, so, I have only ever seen Nick Lachey (yes, I know…) and Rascal Flatts live before. So, as you can imagine, a rock concert was definitely a must for me! Believe it or not, I head banged last night and wore really cute leopard print jeans! I was there early enough to stand in the second row at an outdoor concert (which was free I might add) for The Ready Set, Boys Like Girls, and All American Rejects. With a drink in one hand, my iPhone snapping shots in the other, I was in one crazy, rockin’ paradise! I even sang along – and apparently took a video in which you can hear me singing like a tone-deaf twelve-year-old boy! *good times*

You can check local listings, listen to your favorite radio stations, follow fan sites and Twitter accounts to find out when and where free concerts are in your area!

Rockin’ it