Summer Checklist : Day 10

ITEM 22 : Grill a Pizza!

I have always wanted to do this!!! Plus, grilling is the best way to cook in the summer! I played the grill master role this time and, let me tell you, I rocked it! Cooking with fire and great views – yeah, I’ll take you up on that offer! I am also known for my carmelized onions, I think I just have the magic touch, but sugar is key! I always cook without really measuring, but I tried to relate the ingrediants to normal methods of culinary measurements when I made the recipe. Check it out! You can always use your favorite toppings. But the fresh veggies, in my opinion, make this sweet and summery!

Super Easy Grilled Veggie Pizza

Girls can grill too – show ’em how it’s done!


Summer Checklist : Day 19

Happy Labor Day everyone! America thanks you for all of your hard work 🙂

ITEM 13 : Perfect your potluck dishes for a BBQ!

Labor Day weekend is the best time to get some R&R before heading back to the daily grind. It is also your opportunity to do some cooking on the grill, indulge in homemade mac salad, and bake delectable brownies. If you have not had a potluck picnic with friends or a great BBQ with family, you better get crackin’ before summer weather ends (that rhymed!!). I love being known for signature dishes – once you perfect something, you will always have it requested. The feeling is amazing when you know all of the guests think your dish is delish! For potlucks: dips, unique pasta salads, brownies, and bundts are my go-tos! Perfect your own favorite and share your recipes.

I hope you all had a great holiday weekend with good company and yummy food!




Summer Checklist : Day 26

ITEM 6 : Enjoy some in season fruits and veggies!

This item on your checklist might seem like a no brainer, but now is your chance to find new ways to enjoy your favorite summertime fruits and vegetables. Try a peach cobbler, fresh avocado guacamole, mixed green salad with berries and cheese, or stuffed peppers. Whether you grew your own garden (green thumbs up!) or you take a ride down to your local Farmers’ Market, enjoy the best and freshest foods of the season! Fresh fruits & vegetables are filled with vital antioxidants and vitamins. You might have even noticed your overheated body craving a juicy peach or watermelon more than usual this season. That’s actually because it has the ability to hydrate you while providing your body with healthy nutrients – great for your skin, your mind, and your body!

Stay peachy keen

Summer Checklist : Day 27

The countdown to Fall continues…

ITEM 5 : Try a new type of cuisine!

One that knows me might very well say that they are shocked to find that I have not scored the lead role in an episode of my 600 Pound Life! For those of you who do not know me, I am a rather petite, lil’ lady who has a knack for putting food away like no other! Enjoying unique restaurants and fine, fresh food is something everyone should do this Summer! My favorite find has been Kanella – Greek Cypriot Kitchen in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, Pa. It has been voted to have the one of the top ten best breakfasts in America! If you have not had Greek food, I strongly recommend it. This year, I have also tried a new Thai place and had a fish that’s origins are prehistoric! You have 27 days left to satisfy your taste buds at a new joint with friends and family!

Cheers to digging in and dining out.