I Feel Alive – It’s Summertime!

Hello Lovelies – it’s June 21st! ((First Official Day of Summer))

Day 1!!!!!

I have been waiting for this day since… last Summer! Unfortunately, it has been a rather overcast day in NJ, but via audio delight, I will bring you the sunshine and warmth of which you have been craving!!







Enjoy classic Summer tunes and new era jams! Let me know your thoughts because…. *drum roll please* … it is time for daily blog entries about my Summer Bucket List! Get ready for new adventures, risky business, and a whole lotta FUN!

Catch you all tomorrow!



Summer Bucket List 7/15: Dinner Theatre

Hi Everyone! My Summer reading list has been working out wonderfully! I have also been adding quite a few other items to my list – one that is now completed is going to a dinner theatre!


13 mystery dinner theatreIn memory of my first date, at the most romantic restaurant in Philadelphia (really – it won awards!), I surprised my boyfriend with a Mystery Dinner Theatre production at Bistro Romano. I have ALWAYS wanted to experience a dinner theatre/a murder mystery theatre! This killed two birds with one stone! Little did I know- I would be selected to participate… as “Bambi”… the sex addict. With my luck, of course, I would get this role!!! The murder mystery *dun dun dun* took place at a meeting for those with behavioral disorders. Now, my role doesn’t seem so out of place does it?! hahaha! It was like playing Clue, in real-life – but just with actors, no actual murderers. My beau and I had an absolute blast and laughed quite a bit at the characters, especially the stereotypical Jewish mother who, with Manischewitz in hand, served us an Italian dinner. LOVED IT! Great food, great spirits, and great fun!

I highly recommend this experience! Those near the City of Brotherly Love (Philadelphia), please check out http://www.bistroromano.com/ If you guess the killer correctly (like my smart self and my boyfriend did), your name will be drawn to win a gift card!

To playing Clue

Summer Checklist : Day 1

Heavens to Betsy – tomorrow is the first day of FALL!  So, here it is, my last post of Summer –

ITEM 28 : Pull an all-nighter and enjoy the last Friday of Summer 2012!

I don’t think I have pulled an all-nighter since I was in college (and I remember doing a heck of a lot of those)! Now that it has been 2 years since I stopped being a studious college designer dweeb, I’d say I’m due for another. As Rebecca Black would say, “It’s Friday, Friday…” I only have about 2 more hours of daylight before some nighttime festivities begin, and I am as ready as I’ll ever be! I feel like this summer flew by! After dealing with some rough times in the winter and spring – having off for Summer 2012 has been glorious. I spent time with friends & family, crossed something off of my bucket list, went to the shore, started this blog, and had time to sit back and relax!

I am making sure this summer goes out with a boom! So let’s party on this Fall’s Eve like it’s 1999. We will need a lot of caffeinated beverages from WAWA, a Netflix account, party tunes, & games! *A lil factoid about Kelly – I love board games, Apples to Apples, and card games – you know what? I just love party games, period!*

Cheers to you all. I hope your summer went in with a bang and goes out with a boom!

Summer Checklist : Day 30

Time is ticking down on this beautiful Thursday! We only have 30 days left of Summer! Can we make the best of it’s warmth before the Autumnal Equinox?!

ITEM 2 : Get to the shore folks!

Shh! Don’t tell my bed, but the beach is probably the most relaxing place on earth! Picture this – the sand between your toes, the heat beating down on your skin (which in my case, desperately needs some color!), and the sound of the waves crashing on to the shore! Do you wish you were there yet?! Whether you are the lone traveler, or like to make an event out the trip with friends and family, the beach is the perfect Summer getaway! Plus, who doesn’t enjoy a little time chasing the seagulls away while eating some boardwalk food? 🙂

Take in that salty sea air my friends and rock those stunna shades! Over and out beach beauties ❤