Legs Like Lolo

The 2012 Olympic Games have officially come to an end ūüė¶ Watching Ryan Lochte¬†(God Bless America) swim for the gold and¬†Lolo Jones dominate the hurdles should certainly serve as enough motivation until the Winter games roll around. Running is one of my favorite ways to stay in shape – mentally and physically. Here are some tips for taking your run outdoors!

1. Get fitted for running shoes. Describe the type of runner you are to the salesperson so that you can get the best pair of sneaks possible.

2. Always wear sunscreen. I am sure this has been beaten into your head, but as someone whose mother is an oncology nurse, let me tell you, WEAR THE SUNSCREEN! I also throw on a hat too. It protects my eyes and skin at the same time *double whammy*

3. EAT SOMETHING & STAY HYDRATED! You need energy to go the distance and you will need to refuel afterwards too. Go for healthy carbs before and some protein after.

4. Keep the bugs away! I don’t know about you, but I must be sweeter than pie because I am always eaten alive! I use bug spray all of the time which definitely helps. Another big tip – in through the nose and out the mouth. If you have ever swallowed a bug, you will definitely stick to that technique – for the rest of your life! YUCK!

5. Last but not least Рenjoy the scenery! Take some pictures, free your mind, let go of everything else going on in your life and take in your surroundings. You will be surprised what you can find once you absorb what is around you, but always stay safe and keep your cell phone on you!

Bravo¬†to your Inner Olympian & Go for the Gold ‚̧