Are you Hardcore Enough for this?

YAY! It is FITNESS FRIDAY! Now, 9 times out of 10, I try to blog about properly carrying oneself like a lady! But, when it comes to the gym – be a freak! Be a beast, get down with *yo bad sef*, sweat your bum off, don’t be afraid to go for the heavy weights, and most importantly, show the boys up! This post is long over due… I promised that shortly after I posted “The B.A. Girls’ Playlist Lite“, I would post the more hardcore version. I can personally say that these are songs I listen to just about every time I go to the gym. I swear it gets the juices flowin’, the heart a-pumpin’, and the sweat drippin’! I get so fired up from this playlist, and I am certain that you will too! WARNING: If you are faint of heart, this might not be the playlist for you!

Train like a Bad A**, Look like a Goddess


Fall in love with my new blog schedule!

Hello all, happy fall (yeah, that rhymed)!

Now that summer is over *sigh*, it is time to get back into the swing of things. Being my “anal retentive” self – I am scheduling my blog posts from here on out. My free minded spirit has left the building now that summer is gone and my new job is starting. Drumroll please…..

Monday: I am going to add some manners to your Manic Monday. This day will be used to share some etiquette tips on how to entertain like a lady, walk like a real woman, dress like the Duchess, decorate like a designer, and carry on a conversation like the Queen!

Tuesday: Or shall I say, “Trendy Tuesday”? On this day, I will give you a look at the hottest fashion trends that are sweeping across the nation – possibly even the globe! Oooo. Ahhh. From Interior Design to Street Style – I will cover it all!

Wednesday: By the middle of the week, I think we all need a good laugh. I am going to add some humor to your hump day by filling you in on some moments in my crazy life! My everyday is nuts and my friends always tell me I should write a book. So these brief posts, might someday be expanded into an amusing book… hmmm…

Thursday: This will be my day to share some extra special lifestyle bliss with you all! I went to school for Interior Design and I love drawing perspectives and rendering. I will give you some “Interior Design Therapy” every Thursday! Tune in for inspiration on your next projects or just checkout my designer look book!

Friday: Fitness tip of the week! These posts will be workouts, playlists, recipes, and tips for staying in shape and looking “oh-my-goodness-you-look-like-a-goddess sexy”! OW OW! Keeping fitness fun will be my biggest goal for Friday!

Saturday & Sunday: Time off! I love weekends and I think they are the best days for living it up! It is time to breathe in some R&R and and let go of the stresses in your week.

Cheers to a great first week – Fall 2012 – here we come!



Summer Checklist : Day 24

ITEM 8 : Get the beach body you’ve always dreamed of!

Okay, I get it, I probably should have posted this a while ago. Now, Now, don’t get your bikini bottoms in a bunch! It is never too late to start working out and aiming for your goals! If you stick to eating healthy foods and working out daily, you WILL see results! No more McDoubles AND enough with the late night snacking! You are in charge of your own body and its outcome. Let’s get in shape together by doing this Dawn & Dusk Workout. It will get your blood pumping in the morning and I know it will put a smile on your face as you start your day! Even if I hit the gym or go for a run, I still like to finish up with these moves before bed. Lying in bed counting sheep while your muscles burn = A Good Feeling (as Flo Rida would put it). Track your progress in a journal or a fitness calendar! In just 4 weeks, you are certain to see results!

Good luck fitness goddesses ❤

Summer Checklist : Day 26

ITEM 6 : Enjoy some in season fruits and veggies!

This item on your checklist might seem like a no brainer, but now is your chance to find new ways to enjoy your favorite summertime fruits and vegetables. Try a peach cobbler, fresh avocado guacamole, mixed green salad with berries and cheese, or stuffed peppers. Whether you grew your own garden (green thumbs up!) or you take a ride down to your local Farmers’ Market, enjoy the best and freshest foods of the season! Fresh fruits & vegetables are filled with vital antioxidants and vitamins. You might have even noticed your overheated body craving a juicy peach or watermelon more than usual this season. That’s actually because it has the ability to hydrate you while providing your body with healthy nutrients – great for your skin, your mind, and your body!

Stay peachy keen

Winding Uphill Battle!

A 6 mile loop in the morning feels great – unfortunately, today it was pushing 90 degrees and it was humid and uphill and I am already tired from the first 3 miles and I was dreading the last 3 and my toes hurt and a gnat basically drowned in the sweat that pooled on my brow…… The list of struggling #WhiteGirlProblems could go on forever. But, I kept my head up and forged on to the top! My favorite part was being the only person I passed who was actually going up it instead of down it! I hope to improve upon this loop tomorrow and conquer this heat. Wish me luck and always remember – mind over matter ❤