Hott Girls Drive Mauve Corollas

Hello Friends!!

Summer Bucket List Day 5!

One of the greatest purchases of all time was my mauve ’98 Toyota Corolla. Two thousand Dollars at the age of 16 – 267,000 miles driven in that bad boy – millions of winks despite poor aesthetics – all add up to hundreds of hours spent having fun on the road and not getting a new car till I am almost 26 years old! I have wanted a RAV4 for years so it was a long time coming. I was pretty sad to see my baby go but my Limited Edition, push to start whip is great and was definitely celebration-worthy. Such a milestone deserves an Aperol Spritz & Cheesecake Factory.

This isn’t just something to cross off on the Summer Bucket List – this really is one for the books!



























Hott Girls make the most of their milestones ❤



Common Courtesies for Good Karma

teaGood Evening!

“Life Isn’t About Finding Yourself. Life is About Creating Yourself.” is a fantastic quote that means many things to me. One of the clearest ways to describe this quote is that you are who you want to be. Creating yourself will take learning a lot about what makes you laugh and what makes you cry. You will go down a lot of good paths…anddd… some not so good.

Being that it is MANNERS MONDAY, one great way to create yourself, is to take pride in acts of kindness. I do believe that Karma and that everything in your life happens for a reason. Being a good and moral person always conquers and creates happiness. Brightening your spirits and those around you brings light into the life you’re creating for yourself.

Practice these common acts of courtesy daily:

1. Be Truthful & Be Tactful

2. Hold doors and offer your seat to others

3. Please + Thank You + Yes Sir + Yes Ma’am

4. Congratulate & Encourage

5. Be kind to others

6. Love a little too much

7. Bragging and Gossip are not necessary

8. Compliment someone you don’t know each day

9. Reach out to friends and family on a regular basis

10. Respect yourself, Respect others, & Respect nature

Stay Courteous my Loves ❤

Fall in love with my new blog schedule!

Hello all, happy fall (yeah, that rhymed)!

Now that summer is over *sigh*, it is time to get back into the swing of things. Being my “anal retentive” self – I am scheduling my blog posts from here on out. My free minded spirit has left the building now that summer is gone and my new job is starting. Drumroll please…..

Monday: I am going to add some manners to your Manic Monday. This day will be used to share some etiquette tips on how to entertain like a lady, walk like a real woman, dress like the Duchess, decorate like a designer, and carry on a conversation like the Queen!

Tuesday: Or shall I say, “Trendy Tuesday”? On this day, I will give you a look at the hottest fashion trends that are sweeping across the nation – possibly even the globe! Oooo. Ahhh. From Interior Design to Street Style – I will cover it all!

Wednesday: By the middle of the week, I think we all need a good laugh. I am going to add some humor to your hump day by filling you in on some moments in my crazy life! My everyday is nuts and my friends always tell me I should write a book. So these brief posts, might someday be expanded into an amusing book… hmmm…

Thursday: This will be my day to share some extra special lifestyle bliss with you all! I went to school for Interior Design and I love drawing perspectives and rendering. I will give you some “Interior Design Therapy” every Thursday! Tune in for inspiration on your next projects or just checkout my designer look book!

Friday: Fitness tip of the week! These posts will be workouts, playlists, recipes, and tips for staying in shape and looking “oh-my-goodness-you-look-like-a-goddess sexy”! OW OW! Keeping fitness fun will be my biggest goal for Friday!

Saturday & Sunday: Time off! I love weekends and I think they are the best days for living it up! It is time to breathe in some R&R and and let go of the stresses in your week.

Cheers to a great first week – Fall 2012 – here we come!