Running on the Beach



Good Evening Friends!

Summer Bucket List Item #8

Running on the Beach.
beach run


Are you a multitasker? If I told you that you could exfoliate your tootsies, wear a bikini, get in shape, and be on vacation all in the same sentence, wouldn’t you be enticed? The gig is running on the beach. It has become one of my new favorite things in LIFE!

For those of you who have difficulty with the MIND portion of mind, body, and sole*, you have got to put this on your bucket list ASAP. I know how challenging a run can be when you are having one of those… I. Just. Can’t. Go. Any. Farther!!!! moments. Believe me when I tell you that your thoughts will only become positive – the waves crashing on the shore and atmosphere at the beach will have you feeling great and going the distance!

Now, for those of you who are ready to get a more fit BODY, running is a fantastic tool! To change difficulty levels, try running in different types of sand. More compact sand occurs just before the waves end on the shore which is a bit easier and makes for a really solid run. If you want to feel like you are in a scene from Baywatch, run in the squishy sand where the water ripples on shore. You will cool off from the water splashing on your sun kissed skin and your feet will love the way the sand feels! For my friends who want a challenge, run in the soft sand that is a bit farther away from the water. This is much more difficult and really works your legs!

And, because I am just so clever…. for those of you who need to work on your SOLES*, running on the beach will give you the softest feet. Plus, you can save some major moola – Guuurrl, I am talking to you with the pedicured toes!!  Sand is a natural exfoliant and that salty ocean water aides as a natural healer for scars. Sounds like the perfect combo to me.

Mind, Body, and Sole ❤


Summer Checklist : Day 23

Today, I blog from my cozy bed! The windows are open and I must say, it is a bit chilly! I cannot believe how fast these last days of summer are going!

ITEM 9 : Quench your thirst with refreshing sun tea!

All you need is a pitcher, water, about 7 tea bags, and a warm, sunny day!

I like to use about 7 tea bags – sometimes green tea with one regular/black tea bag or I make all 7 be the regular tea. I add water and sit it outside for a few hours, or until it reaches a desirable strength. I do not like a lot of lemon in my tea, so I sliced half of the lemon that I juiced while making my Rustic Avocado Salad (see next post for recipe). If you grow mint in your yard, add a few leaves to your tea for a refreshing twist! After it is brewed, pour into a glass with a lot of ice or place in the fridge until it gets nice and cold!

Cheers to enjoying an au naturale drink ❤