Summer Checklist : Day 15

I am terribly sorry that I didn’t get a chance to post this yesterday! My day was nuts – I had an interview (keep your fingers crossed for me!), lunch in Rittenhouse Square, a highly unnecessary but oh so delightful trip to Sephora, and then a Phillies game! I apologize for leaving you all hanging, but I couldn’t pass this post up! So please enjoy the next item on your checklist –

ITEM 17: Do a good deed everyday!

This might not sound like it is related to Summer, but it is always an excellent idea to do a good deed a day. It can be the smallest thing like holding a door open, or cooking dinner for your family. You can even send a card to a friend and put a smile on their face! Making people smile or knowing that you have genuinely helped someone is such a great feeling.

My good deed was saving this praying mantis from imminent death by an oncoming tractor! Apparently, it is not illegal to kill a praying mantis and they are not endangered, like I once thought. Even still, I am pretty darn sure this guy did not plan on getting squashed by the biggest tractor tire I have seen all summer! So, I shushed him to the side and hopefully he had a few more brilliant mantis moments before a more humane, natural death ensued.

Gaining good karma




Summer Checklist : Day 25

Only 25 days of Summer left and can you believe the sun set at 7:41 EST! Can you believe it? This means we are having less and less daylight to enjoy our summertime activities! Make sure you get outdoors and soak in that vitamin D!

ITEM : 7 Take your dog on a nature walk

Nigel, AKA Nigey, my Miniature Schnauzer has become blind this Summer. It has definitely upset everyone in our family, but let me tell you what – he can still put a smile on my face by just being his goofy self! One thing that he absolutely loves is going on adventures in the yard with me. I let him lead the way throughout the yard – he uses his sniffer and I use my peepers for backup. It is a great bond that we share 🙂 You both will get in some exercise and stay healthy by taking walks, and your pup will love you for it (most likely by giving you tons of slobbery kisses).

Makin’ memories & lovin’ nature walks with Nigey ❤

Winding Uphill Battle!

A 6 mile loop in the morning feels great – unfortunately, today it was pushing 90 degrees and it was humid and uphill and I am already tired from the first 3 miles and I was dreading the last 3 and my toes hurt and a gnat basically drowned in the sweat that pooled on my brow…… The list of struggling #WhiteGirlProblems could go on forever. But, I kept my head up and forged on to the top! My favorite part was being the only person I passed who was actually going up it instead of down it! I hope to improve upon this loop tomorrow and conquer this heat. Wish me luck and always remember – mind over matter ❤

The Getaway

I decided it is time to start my Triathlon training. Apparently to swim just one mile, I have to go around my pool about 94 times! -I did 32! This was better than expected, but clearly not too great! I ran for an hour and hiked in the woods. To my surprise and delight, I came across this creek which leads to Anteitam Lake! It was the perfect find and it kept a smile on my face even once the rain chased me (maybe I chased it!) back home! Tomorrow, I will start the day with yoga and a bike ride. If the weather holds out, another swim and run are in order! I will keep you updated! If anyone has tips – please let me know 🙂