Things You Learn When You’re in Breckenridge

Hi Everyone! So sorry for my absence! Things have been nuts over here. But, I am snowed in on the East Coast and I am ready to blog again!

snowshoeI just got back last week from an amazing work trip to Colorado. We stayed in a massive resort home and I had a ton of fun checking a few things off of my bucket list! I went skiing (hilariously bad at that sport), snowmobiling to see the Continental Divide, and snowshoeing in search of woodland creatures (much more my speed). Here are some of the things I learned rather quickly while in “Breck”.

1) As neat as it seems to see a moose (or hear them hiccup), they are wayyyyy bigger than you think and they will ATTACK!

2) Unlike the East Coast, snow plowing and salting is not a necessity. Before you know it, you can walk on ice. Biking down an icy mountain in the dark (yes I did see this) would not be something to try.

3) You’re much closer to the sun (lol). Let’s say 9,000′ – 11,000′ above sea level – wear sunscreen and goggles.

4) Blue Slopes (AKA Intermediate Slopes) are like Black Diamonds back home…. that’s right, I was terrified.

5) Wearing snow boots or duck boots is awesome and essentially goes with everything. I am wishing that it was socially acceptable to wear my Cabela’s duck boots everywhere back here in Philly.

6) Tele girls are much cooler than all of the other girls on the slopes…apparently. (RULE 6.5: Telemarking is a downhill style of skiing where your heel picks up and involves lunging for stops and turns, etc. -Similar to cross country skiing.)

7) Your thirst will never be quenched.

8) Touring an ice castle is pure *magic*.

9) The woods and ski lifts are the most quiet places ever. So much more relaxing than I ever dreamt!

10) Last but not least, silk long johns are God-send!

These boots are made for walkin’ (on ice) ❤



Tourist Troubles

Rule Number 10: Do not act like the stereotypical tourist, so be a step above the rest and act like a lady! -10. from the Decorum and Fashion Page!

Correct me if I am wrong, but we have all been somewhat touristy and have taken pictures, like the one on the left, at some point in our lives! However, you never want to appear as the crazy tourist in the group. Some things YOU DO NOT WANT TO DO are as follows:

1. Hey there big mouth, there is no need for the profanities! -Typically, there will be a child within ear distance (or some prude 80-year-old woman) so keep your rude comments and obnoxious behavior to yourself!

2. WHOA buddy! Keep it down in the back row, I am trying to listen to the tour guide! -It is always beneficial to listen to a tour guide so that you can absorb an uber amount of information. Yet, there is no need to scream to your fellow friends about how the tour might be boring you, because chances are, you are the only bored one in the group.

3. Uhm, excuse me, mother with a child on a monkey leash, a baby in the biggest stroller I’ve ever seen, and the screaming toddler, please keep an eye on your children. -Tourist sites, as crazy as they may be sometimes, are not playgrounds. Period.

Bottom line, mind your manners – especially if you are travelling to another country. Carry yourself (and your massive Nikon) well and respect others and the monuments.

Always act like the well-travelled lady you want to be!