Running on the Beach



Good Evening Friends!

Summer Bucket List Item #8

Running on the Beach.
beach run


Are you a multitasker? If I told you that you could exfoliate your tootsies, wear a bikini, get in shape, and be on vacation all in the same sentence, wouldn’t you be enticed? The gig is running on the beach. It has become one of my new favorite things in LIFE!

For those of you who have difficulty with the MIND portion of mind, body, and sole*, you have got to put this on your bucket list ASAP. I know how challenging a run can be when you are having one of those… I. Just. Can’t. Go. Any. Farther!!!! moments. Believe me when I tell you that your thoughts will only become positive – the waves crashing on the shore and atmosphere at the beach will have you feeling great and going the distance!

Now, for those of you who are ready to get a more fit BODY, running is a fantastic tool! To change difficulty levels, try running in different types of sand. More compact sand occurs just before the waves end on the shore which is a bit easier and makes for a really solid run. If you want to feel like you are in a scene from Baywatch, run in the squishy sand where the water ripples on shore. You will cool off from the water splashing on your sun kissed skin and your feet will love the way the sand feels! For my friends who want a challenge, run in the soft sand that is a bit farther away from the water. This is much more difficult and really works your legs!

And, because I am just so clever…. for those of you who need to work on your SOLES*, running on the beach will give you the softest feet. Plus, you can save some major moola – Guuurrl, I am talking to you with the pedicured toes!!  Sand is a natural exfoliant and that salty ocean water aides as a natural healer for scars. Sounds like the perfect combo to me.

Mind, Body, and Sole ❤


One Hot Run

My friends! Today, I am not talking about looking hot while running (wish I was), I am talking about how to suit up for a run on a hot day!

This marks Summer Bucket List Day 3!!











A major part of my bucket list will always be to run as frequently as possible. Dressing the part isn’t always easy when it is humid and in the 90s all day LONG!! I do have a good rule of thumb, though the dorkier, the comfier. This rule does not just apply to running in extreme weather, it also applies to pajamas, slippers, sweatpants, & novelty t-shirts.

So, what do I typically wear in the heat on the trail? –Athletic socks, trail runner sneaks (mama needs the traction), a padded sports bra (yeah, I am a lady), a breathable and bright tank, a cap, sunscreen, bug spray (if you even knew the amount of bugs that have drowned in my sweat, died upon impact, & are in my belly, you’d be terrified), and “deo” for BO (just kidding about the BO, remember, I am a lady). And… my new, fav, dorky accessory- the towel I wrap around my neck!

Let me know about your tips for running!

Stay cool runner babes ❤



Summer Checklist : Day 5

ITEM 25 : Get a good sweat going in neon/funky workout clothes!

Brightly colored clothes have been all the rage this summer. For some reason, I only decided to go along with this fashion trend when it came to my workout clothes. –> This could have something to do with my family being nervous wrecks about me being hit by oncoming traffic when I disappear for an hour+ long run. There is a safety feature in brightly colored clothes!

Whatever the case may be, I double down dog dare you to wear something crazy to workout in this week! Rock purple animal print pants to Zumba. Sport a fantastically bright orange shirt on your morning run! Wear a safety hazard yellow sports bra under a top to your Body Combat class. (take note that bright colors, especially corals, make skin tones pop and look tanner *body image booster*) Be proud of what you are doing to better your body, mind, and spirit – and don’t be afraid to work up a sweat in style!

Staying fit and funky

Legs Like Lolo

The 2012 Olympic Games have officially come to an end 😦 Watching Ryan Lochte (God Bless America) swim for the gold and Lolo Jones dominate the hurdles should certainly serve as enough motivation until the Winter games roll around. Running is one of my favorite ways to stay in shape – mentally and physically. Here are some tips for taking your run outdoors!

1. Get fitted for running shoes. Describe the type of runner you are to the salesperson so that you can get the best pair of sneaks possible.

2. Always wear sunscreen. I am sure this has been beaten into your head, but as someone whose mother is an oncology nurse, let me tell you, WEAR THE SUNSCREEN! I also throw on a hat too. It protects my eyes and skin at the same time *double whammy*

3. EAT SOMETHING & STAY HYDRATED! You need energy to go the distance and you will need to refuel afterwards too. Go for healthy carbs before and some protein after.

4. Keep the bugs away! I don’t know about you, but I must be sweeter than pie because I am always eaten alive! I use bug spray all of the time which definitely helps. Another big tip – in through the nose and out the mouth. If you have ever swallowed a bug, you will definitely stick to that technique – for the rest of your life! YUCK!

5. Last but not least – enjoy the scenery! Take some pictures, free your mind, let go of everything else going on in your life and take in your surroundings. You will be surprised what you can find once you absorb what is around you, but always stay safe and keep your cell phone on you!

Bravo to your Inner Olympian & Go for the Gold ❤


Winding Uphill Battle!

A 6 mile loop in the morning feels great – unfortunately, today it was pushing 90 degrees and it was humid and uphill and I am already tired from the first 3 miles and I was dreading the last 3 and my toes hurt and a gnat basically drowned in the sweat that pooled on my brow…… The list of struggling #WhiteGirlProblems could go on forever. But, I kept my head up and forged on to the top! My favorite part was being the only person I passed who was actually going up it instead of down it! I hope to improve upon this loop tomorrow and conquer this heat. Wish me luck and always remember – mind over matter ❤

The Getaway

I decided it is time to start my Triathlon training. Apparently to swim just one mile, I have to go around my pool about 94 times! -I did 32! This was better than expected, but clearly not too great! I ran for an hour and hiked in the woods. To my surprise and delight, I came across this creek which leads to Anteitam Lake! It was the perfect find and it kept a smile on my face even once the rain chased me (maybe I chased it!) back home! Tomorrow, I will start the day with yoga and a bike ride. If the weather holds out, another swim and run are in order! I will keep you updated! If anyone has tips – please let me know 🙂