One Hot Run

My friends! Today, I am not talking about looking hot while running (wish I was), I am talking about how to suit up for a run on a hot day!

This marks Summer Bucket List Day 3!!











A major part of my bucket list will always be to run as frequently as possible. Dressing the part isn’t always easy when it is humid and in the 90s all day LONG!! I do have a good rule of thumb, though the dorkier, the comfier. This rule does not just apply to running in extreme weather, it also applies to pajamas, slippers, sweatpants, & novelty t-shirts.

So, what do I typically wear in the heat on the trail? –Athletic socks, trail runner sneaks (mama needs the traction), a padded sports bra (yeah, I am a lady), a breathable and bright tank, a cap, sunscreen, bug spray (if you even knew the amount of bugs that have drowned in my sweat, died upon impact, & are in my belly, you’d be terrified), and “deo” for BO (just kidding about the BO, remember, I am a lady). And… my new, fav, dorky accessory- the towel I wrap around my neck!

Let me know about your tips for running!

Stay cool runner babes ❤




Stella and Dot Spring Preview

Hi Friends! It is time for a “Trendy Tuesday” Post. OOO AHHH! 

stella trend 1

I don’t know about you – but I am *UHBsessed* with haul videos and posts right now. I am thinking of putting together a haul for the incredible Spring line from Stella & Dot. We have launched these items to the public <<if you are in the Philadelphia area, comment to this post to learn how you can have your own Stellabration and get some of these items for FREEEEEEEE>><<or shop my site: >>

stella trend 2

In the meantime, covet over these bad boys and take in our Trend Report:

1) Brilliant Brights *hint hint see that golden/citrine necklace!?*

2) Gilden Fringe —> stay tuned for next week’s haul to see sexy, hand sewn fringe details<—

3) Floral Rocker >> feminine flowers + edgy details is soooo in right now!<<

4) The NEW Pearls ~~mixing contemporary designs with vintage gold and layers of pearls~~

5) Perf-ection {} Perforated materials are hottt in everything from Fashion to Interior Design! Just wait until you see some of the hand-punched perf fabrics {}

Today is the day for a Stellabration ❤

Just in Time

meHello – Happy Belated Holidays – Happy New Year!
Have you ever gone through a phase in your life where the days just pass you by and you focus on important things and everything else just turns into a big ‘ol blurrrr? To join my whirlwind, you would have to know the following (you get sucked into the whirlwind even faster if you read this at lightning speed): I started working full-time as a Lighting Specifier for a Rep Agency and started as a Stylist for Stella & Dot, Hurricane Sandy came, my incredible Grandfather sadly passed away, Thanksgiving feast, I also lost my dear Uncle, my 24th Birthday, moved into my first apartment, flew to Georgia for training the following day, Christmas, received my first little blue boxes, skied in the Poconos (cried pretty much the whole time), New Year’s Eve, kiss had not one but 2 flat tires, and now it is the 15th of January.
Now that we are all on the same page, I am here to lighten things up! I had another insane day, but it is Trendy Tuesday none the less! You are all “just in time” to celebrate with some stella & dot eye candy!


New Catalog! Spring Line is ready and filled with historically low prices 🙂 To order pieces, contact me!


My arm party for the New Arrivals Meeting this evening!


Want to host a trunk show to score free jewels?! You can host a fabulous shindig, or an intimate one with your girlfriends (like the pic above).

To Cherishing FAMILY and staying effortlessly trendy. Happy 2013 my friends! ❤

TRENDY TUESDAY- say what?!

Hello all! I know today is not Tuesday, but we are taking the time machine back to that glorious day (I am sure you were really wishing you could relive it)! The days until my Stella & Dot Launch party are disappearing faster than a creamcheese frosted cupcake in muh general sightline… I think I have everything just about planned – plus, I can’t stop admiring my jewelry and I am sure my friends will feel the same way at the party. Layering jewelry and loading on the rings is very trendy right now. These Deco Stackable rings in Silver are fantastic to acheive a simple, sparkly, and sophistaced look. My favorite vintage style of jewelry is definitely Deco and it has made a huge comback in recent years. Art Deco uses very classic lines so adding pieces into your daily wardrobe is a must!

Stay Style Savvy with Stella & Dot

OOOoooOO – If you are interested in checking out some items *there are amazing sales right now*, please use the address below!

Stella & Dot

Greetings everyone! I apologize for the lack the blog posts – starting 2 jobs in the same week has been interesting and very exciting! <I never seem to take that tempting ride down *easy street*> Aside from taking on the full-time challenges of being a Specifier in Lighting Sales (which I am LOVING!), I am also a Stylist for Stella & Dot!

This was my first package, filled with rings, bracelets, necklaces, & a pair of earrings!

If that wasn’t great enough, the packaging says things like “hello gorgeous”! Well, hello to you too. Yep, day has been made.

Here is the Renegade Cluster Bracelet in Gold. Ah, love at first sight! It combines bad a** spikes, with rhinestones, & a heart charm. Every girl needs one – and it comes in silver, if that tickles your fancy!

I leave you with this HEAVENLY image of some of the other jewelry I got in this first shipment.  I cannot wait to display it at my first party, which I am currently planning. The theme = “Jewels & Ghouls”. How awesome is that?! I am super excited, and you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be sharing images from that too (there is some DIY & Cooking to delight you all with)! If you are interested in checking out some of our pieces or supporting Breast Cancer Awareness, please see my site @ .  *follow me on Twitter & Instagram @01KellyGreen to stay up to date on the latest and greatest in accessories & jewelry*

Throw yourself an arm party with Stella & Dot

Your Fall Wardrobe Starts Here!

And, we are on in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…. Welcome to another Trendy Tuesday with your host, Kelly Greenawalt! Today, I am sharing some must-have articles of clothing for Fall. These are a few simple items that every girl needs to have in her closet to be looking super *hott* this season. You can mix and match just about everything on this list to create a perfect wardrobe! So let’s get started! I drew up a little cheat sheet for you below!

Tune in next week for the SECOND CHAPTER – “Your Go To Fall Accessories”.  This will help you mix the items below with a scarf, a statement belt, a long necklace, or booties! I will include more looks and tips, & remember, get your fashionable looks here!!

Stay Fabulous this Fall!

When in doubt, add STRIPES

Now, I know this Thursday isn’t Thanksgiving (mmm cranberry relish…), but do you ever wake up and realize how thankful your are for certain things in your life? One of the things that I don’t take for granted is my eyesight. I had one of the worst torn retinas in the history of, well, torn retinas. I just found out today that the GROUND-BREAKING, surgery I had undergone has now become standard! I’m normally not the gutsiest of girls, but I am so glad I did it – especially now that I know how many other people it has helped!

Another thing Interior Designers are thankful for is STRIPES! I believe that my pupils are finally returning to their normal size, so that I can look at a computer screen and share this Thursday’s Blissful Sketch with you!

In design school, I learned that when in doubt, add stripes. Eclectic styles are very popular (my favs); getting the right balance of different pieces and patterns is paramount. If you are ever stumped when mixing fabrics, patterns, shapes, or textures – add a stripe! Stripes will always ground your look! They are classic and can effortlessly move the eye throughout a space! Try to use this word of wisdom – I hope it serves as Interior Design Therapy!

Here’s to keeping an eye on things… and stripes

Glimpse at Fall Fashion

Hello everyone! Here’s your first look at some of my go-to pieces for fall.

1. If it is tortoise-shell – wear it! This made an appearance in summer, and it’s going to stick around! It is such a classic look and has made a great comeback. Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors reignited that fashion fire! LOVE IT!

2. Natural fall colors are always a great inspiration for anything in the fashion and design world. Right now, if you see the color in a leaf – it’s in: bright mustards, muted pinks, deep purples, greens, and browns.

3. TEXTURE IS HUGE! You wake up and you’re cold, you get to your lunch break and it’s warm, then you get back home and it’s chilly again! Dressing for this kind of weather is easiest if you know how to layer. One of the easiest rules is to add texture. If you wear a simple undershirt add a textured sweater over top. Don a satin shirt and throw a studded leather jacket on over top. Layering and completing a look is all about mixing colors, patterns, and adding textures!

*For my first look: Tortoise-shell Michael Kors boyfriend watch, “You Don’t Know Jacques” OPI nail color, gold arrow band from Charming Charlies, Franco Sarto Leather Peeptoes, an oversized cream sweater from Express, oatmeal colored tank from Target, Straight leg jeans from Express-cuffed at the bottom, & my great-grandmother’s gold necklace*

Let the leaves guide your fall fashion needs



Fall in love with my new blog schedule!

Hello all, happy fall (yeah, that rhymed)!

Now that summer is over *sigh*, it is time to get back into the swing of things. Being my “anal retentive” self – I am scheduling my blog posts from here on out. My free minded spirit has left the building now that summer is gone and my new job is starting. Drumroll please…..

Monday: I am going to add some manners to your Manic Monday. This day will be used to share some etiquette tips on how to entertain like a lady, walk like a real woman, dress like the Duchess, decorate like a designer, and carry on a conversation like the Queen!

Tuesday: Or shall I say, “Trendy Tuesday”? On this day, I will give you a look at the hottest fashion trends that are sweeping across the nation – possibly even the globe! Oooo. Ahhh. From Interior Design to Street Style – I will cover it all!

Wednesday: By the middle of the week, I think we all need a good laugh. I am going to add some humor to your hump day by filling you in on some moments in my crazy life! My everyday is nuts and my friends always tell me I should write a book. So these brief posts, might someday be expanded into an amusing book… hmmm…

Thursday: This will be my day to share some extra special lifestyle bliss with you all! I went to school for Interior Design and I love drawing perspectives and rendering. I will give you some “Interior Design Therapy” every Thursday! Tune in for inspiration on your next projects or just checkout my designer look book!

Friday: Fitness tip of the week! These posts will be workouts, playlists, recipes, and tips for staying in shape and looking “oh-my-goodness-you-look-like-a-goddess sexy”! OW OW! Keeping fitness fun will be my biggest goal for Friday!

Saturday & Sunday: Time off! I love weekends and I think they are the best days for living it up! It is time to breathe in some R&R and and let go of the stresses in your week.

Cheers to a great first week – Fall 2012 – here we come!