Summer Bucket List 7/9: Have a Meal Outdoors

Hey everybody! I hope your 4th of July celebration was filled with family, friends, sunshine, fireworks, great food, and a cocktail…or two….


This is a fairly simple item on my bucket list this Summer. I don’t know about you, but if I do not get outside, I feel like the day has been wasted! I’m drawn to sunshine, fresh air, and I like my Vitamin Deeeeeeee! Today, I had a late lunch of leftovers on my balcony while responding to emails. (Praise The Lord for the gift of the iPhone) It was not as relaxing as I had hoped, but it still put a smile on my face and on my food baby’s face too! hahaha

13 summer lunch

Some things I should warn “the indoor” breed of girls about before attempting, this “outdoor eating idea”:

1) A fly may or may not land on you, near you, or in your food. A swatting motion will solve your problems. If your throat burns or you hear a strange buzzing inside of your ear, honey, it’s too late.

2) If you live by the shore, a crazed seagull could, quite possibly steal food from you. The Jersey shore birds, I think, were cross-bred with the honey badger because they don’t care, they will scoop an entire weenie right off of a flame-filled grill, then fly backwards….

3) If it is really hot, and sweat wasn’t invited to the party, make yourself a frozen margarita. However, if you are a working girl, make sure the alcoholic beverages are kept for after work hours. 😉

4) And on a serious note, if grilling or throwing a bash for a group, keep perishable foods below 40 degrees. Food covers and nets are always a must to keep bugs out! Also, use separate dishes and utensils when cooking meats and fish. Food can go bad, become cross-contaminated, or worse…bacteria can fester and it’s only downhill from there!

To the great outdoors and food babies ❤


Summer Checklist : Day 17

Hello All! I don’t mean to alarm you but there are only 17 days of Summer left! Summer daylight is running on a shortage these days – sun will set at 7:28 EST  😦

It will be okay – save your tears for Meg Ryan movies ladies because I still have plenty of ways for you to get the most out of your summer.

ITEM 15 : Get sun-kissed hair!

Here I am on the way home from the salon *looking oh so fresh* haha! I am sure you all know how great it feels to get a hair cut and smell like the best hair products. Before summer ends, try adding highlights to your everyday hairstyle! I went for a small amount of highlights on top, mostly in the front to frame the face, and then a bunch of “peek-a-boos”. Peek-a-boo highlights or lowlights are hidden underneath the top bulk of your hair. They are typically not as noticeable but when you curl you hair, it creates a whole new dimension! Add layers, and the look is complete! Let the compliments roll in…

Some of you will naturally get lighter hair if you spend a lot of time outside in the sun. If you prefer to get a little lighter, but without salon prices, try John Frieda’s Sheer Blonde – Go Blonder Lightening system. Check out his site to see the magic:

To being beautifully sun-kissed ❤


Summer Checklist : Day 23

Today, I blog from my cozy bed! The windows are open and I must say, it is a bit chilly! I cannot believe how fast these last days of summer are going!

ITEM 9 : Quench your thirst with refreshing sun tea!

All you need is a pitcher, water, about 7 tea bags, and a warm, sunny day!

I like to use about 7 tea bags – sometimes green tea with one regular/black tea bag or I make all 7 be the regular tea. I add water and sit it outside for a few hours, or until it reaches a desirable strength. I do not like a lot of lemon in my tea, so I sliced half of the lemon that I juiced while making my Rustic Avocado Salad (see next post for recipe). If you grow mint in your yard, add a few leaves to your tea for a refreshing twist! After it is brewed, pour into a glass with a lot of ice or place in the fridge until it gets nice and cold!

Cheers to enjoying an au naturale drink ❤

Summer Checklist : Day 30

Time is ticking down on this beautiful Thursday! We only have 30 days left of Summer! Can we make the best of it’s warmth before the Autumnal Equinox?!

ITEM 2 : Get to the shore folks!

Shh! Don’t tell my bed, but the beach is probably the most relaxing place on earth! Picture this – the sand between your toes, the heat beating down on your skin (which in my case, desperately needs some color!), and the sound of the waves crashing on to the shore! Do you wish you were there yet?! Whether you are the lone traveler, or like to make an event out the trip with friends and family, the beach is the perfect Summer getaway! Plus, who doesn’t enjoy a little time chasing the seagulls away while eating some boardwalk food? 🙂

Take in that salty sea air my friends and rock those stunna shades! Over and out beach beauties ❤