Summer Checklist : DAY 31

ALERT! ALERT! There is only 1 month of Summer left!! Have you done everything you wanted to? I don’t know about you, but mine flew by and there is still so much sun left to soak up! So here is a checklist of things I need to complete before I trade in the bikinis and flops for sweaters and ankle boots!

ITEM 1: Dive into a great book!

I like to read about 3 books at once so this has gone by pretty quickly for me! I will finish the last book of the Hunger Games series tonight (if you have not read them yet, please do – they are to die for). I am also on the last Fifty Shades book and in the middle of White Girl Problems. I have finished The Lucky One and will soon start Something Borrowed. So much reading and only 31 days till Fall!

Pull up a beach chair, slather on that SPF 30 (or 50 if you experience White Girl Problems), and Dive in! ❤


Winding Uphill Battle!

A 6 mile loop in the morning feels great – unfortunately, today it was pushing 90 degrees and it was humid and uphill and I am already tired from the first 3 miles and I was dreading the last 3 and my toes hurt and a gnat basically drowned in the sweat that pooled on my brow…… The list of struggling #WhiteGirlProblems could go on forever. But, I kept my head up and forged on to the top! My favorite part was being the only person I passed who was actually going up it instead of down it! I hope to improve upon this loop tomorrow and conquer this heat. Wish me luck and always remember – mind over matter ❤