Are you Hardcore Enough for this?

YAY! It is FITNESS FRIDAY! Now, 9 times out of 10, I try to blog about properly carrying oneself like a lady! But, when it comes to the gym – be a freak! Be a beast, get down with *yo bad sef*, sweat your bum off, don’t be afraid to go for the heavy weights, and most importantly, show the boys up! This post is long over due… I promised that shortly after I posted “The B.A. Girls’ Playlist Lite“, I would post the more hardcore version. I can personally say that these are songs I listen to just about every time I go to the gym. I swear it gets the juices flowin’, the heart a-pumpin’, and the sweat drippin’! I get so fired up from this playlist, and I am certain that you will too! WARNING: If you are faint of heart, this might not be the playlist for you!

Train like a Bad A**, Look like a Goddess


Summer Checklist : Day 5

ITEM 25 : Get a good sweat going in neon/funky workout clothes!

Brightly colored clothes have been all the rage this summer. For some reason, I only decided to go along with this fashion trend when it came to my workout clothes. –> This could have something to do with my family being nervous wrecks about me being hit by oncoming traffic when I disappear for an hour+ long run. There is a safety feature in brightly colored clothes!

Whatever the case may be, I double down dog dare you to wear something crazy to workout in this week! Rock purple animal print pants to Zumba. Sport a fantastically bright orange shirt on your morning run! Wear a safety hazard yellow sports bra under a top to your Body Combat class. (take note that bright colors, especially corals, make skin tones pop and look tanner *body image booster*) Be proud of what you are doing to better your body, mind, and spirit – and don’t be afraid to work up a sweat in style!

Staying fit and funky

Summer Checklist : Day 24

ITEM 8 : Get the beach body you’ve always dreamed of!

Okay, I get it, I probably should have posted this a while ago. Now, Now, don’t get your bikini bottoms in a bunch! It is never too late to start working out and aiming for your goals! If you stick to eating healthy foods and working out daily, you WILL see results! No more McDoubles AND enough with the late night snacking! You are in charge of your own body and its outcome. Let’s get in shape together by doing this Dawn & Dusk Workout. It will get your blood pumping in the morning and I know it will put a smile on your face as you start your day! Even if I hit the gym or go for a run, I still like to finish up with these moves before bed. Lying in bed counting sheep while your muscles burn = A Good Feeling (as Flo Rida would put it). Track your progress in a journal or a fitness calendar! In just 4 weeks, you are certain to see results!

Good luck fitness goddesses ❤


Day 2 of my training for a Sprint Triathlon: Cycling for about 12 miles is a piece of cake – I mastered it!! If you want a fun workout, try this! 

Monday’s Workout