The Big To Do

A Bucket List for Lifestyle Bliss, and All of the Journeys and Misadventures in between ❤

Here it is – the LIST:

1.  Visit Church of the Light in Osaka (built the year of my birth, 1988) by Tadao Ando

2. Go Kayak camping

3. Share a kiss under a waterfall

4. Run a half marathon, marathon, triathlon, Tough Mudder, etc.

5. Paddleboard “yoga adventure” in Utah

6. Walk through the Tunnel of Love in Ukraine

7. Road trip to Boston with my cousin on my 25th (Dec. 1)

8. Road trip to Napa Valley with cousin on her 25th (Sept. 17)

9. Visit Machu Picchu, Peru

10. Adopt a Child

11. Participate in a Zombie Walk or Parade!

12. Go to a Tropical Island

13. Ride a Horse on a Beach

14. Be Caught Cheering on the Big Screen at a Game

15. See the Grand Canyon

16. Swim in the Waters off the Coast of Santorini

17. Go to Ireland and Marvel over Giants Causeway

18. Own a Golf Cart

19. Feel the heat of the Equator

20. See the Northern Lights

21. Zipline

22. Scuba Dive

23. Swim with the Dolphins

24. Go Spelunking

25. Visit Barcelona and see the work of Gaudi

26. Stay in an Ice Hotel

27. Snowshoe

28. Ride a Mechanical Bull

29. Sing Karaoke at the beach to Santeria by Sublime

30. On moving day, Eat Chinese food out of the boxes while sitting on boxes in my first place. -like they do in the movies

31. Go back to Paris and visit the Lovers Bridge ❤

32. See the Great Barrier Reef

33. Watch in amazement at a major sea turtle hatching

34. Go to Disney World and meet all of the Disney Princesses

35. See a volcano

36. Find a sand dollar at the shore

37. Find a starfish on the beach


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